Written by LolaandWolf


Such an exciting night already, our first one at CCK. Sucking Wolf’s hard cock, several times over, as we watched others doing likewise and two couples fucking each other on the bed in the room at the back. We were thinking about leaving as a couple approached us. After enjoying a drink and chatting a little she asked me to go with her to dance a little; directing us over to the area by a massive dildo. Wolf stayed on the long couch chatting and smiling as he looked over at me, both of us wondering where this was heading.

I was laughing with her as the two of us danced around but as I kept staring over at Wolf’s grinning face I had the urge to respond with something intoxicating. I started kissing her while watching Wolf out of the corner of my eye; my first kisses ever with another woman! Starting out so softly, innocently at first then our mouths gradually opened as she giggled telling me she liked it, that I had such soft lips. I’m smiled at Wolf, seeing the pleasure of his face as he watched me playing up a little for him. Also a first for us as we learned about the pleasure Wolf derived from seeing others playing with me.

At that moment all I could think about was wanting his whole body on fire as he anticipated all the things that might happen next. Making those tantalising movements as I kissed her some more, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as I ran my hands over her womanly curves. That first feel of a woman’s breasts, hers so big and soft. My fingers lightly brushed over her nipples, my thumbs circling them as I felt them harden under the fabric of her dress. It felt so playful as we kissed and giggled. I was telling her I had never played with a girl before so I didn’t have a clue. She smiled back saying I was doing just fine.

Much to the boys’ delight we pulled off each other’s dress and her hands started caressing my body. She was squeezing my breasts as I leant in and kissed her neck and trailed my tongue down towards her own. Her nipple was so hard as my my warm breath reached it, my tongue lapping, toying with it as she moaned softly. Wolf couldn’t take his eyes off my mouth as my lips closed over her nipple as I gently sucked and nibbled on it. She let out a long sigh as I moved to her other breast.

Then she gave me a mischievous smile as she leaned back and picked up a massive white vibrator , the size of it making her hand appear so tiny as it rested between her fingers. I was watching Wolf smiling as he was trying to be polite continuing to make conversation with her friend but his eyes betraying him as he kept turning to view the scene in front of him. Watching as we were giggling as I was trying to help her stretch a condom over that gigantic toy. My hands even so slowly sliding down that huge shaft as my fingers were gently pulling the sheath down. She was laughing asking if I had ever played with one THIS big as I smiled back shaking my head.

She placed her hands above mine and gently moved it back so its head was touching my right nipple. My hands fell away in surprise as she turned it on and her other hand reached for my left breast gently squeezing it. The tingling caused by the vibration as she rotated it around my breast was making my nipples so hard as they poked out in response to her movements. I smiled back at Wolf as my hands encircled the gigantic toy and I pushed it back against her left nipple, teasing it as adjusted the pressure as I glided the vibrator over the naked skin of her breast making my way regularly back to that stiff centre.

She leaned forward and kissed me harder, her eyes twinkling as she suddenly grabbed the vibrator from my fingers and lowered it down between my legs, up towards my wet pussy. Wolf was grinning broadly as he listened to that loud moan pass my lips, neither of us believing that here we were in the middle of a club and he was watching another woman playing with me. Watching as the lights reflected onto the head nudging at the soaking black silk between my legs, the wetness gleaming as it was starting to drip down my thigh.

The slow tantalising build-up was proving too much for us all. Our faces full of excitement as Wolf moved towards me as we decided to all make our way towards the room at the back. All I could think about was that moment my tongue was starting to slowly lick its way up Wolf’s cock as I felt it pressed so very hard into my back as we took that short walk up those few steps and across the room to reach the door. The bed invitingly empty and ready for the four of us, and what proved to be another series of firsts for Wolf and Lola, perhaps best left to be written about another day!