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Afternoon Delight

"Opportunity is everywhere"
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Published 1 month ago
“I’m going for a walk, what’re you doing, we should meet up...”

It was another gorgeous afternoon and the dog needed to stretch his legs yet again. I suggested the park about halfway between our houses and we both set off from opposite directions.

Wesley has been my lover for about a month now, he brings enthusiasm and passion to our encounters that he tells me have no release at home. I thrill to this enthusiasm and passion and spur on his sensual curiosity, so we’ve shared some experiences that have delighted us both and given him confidence to grow.

I can see him in the distance, those long legs which I’ve only seen in trousers or naked, remind me that summer is not far away. He greets me with a broad grin, the same broad grin I see every time we meet. “Hello Gorgeous!” and bends to greet and pat my dog who’s as pleased as I am to see him.

He should be more careful walking beside me on a busy road but doesn’t seem to care much though both of us are relieved to enter the park but there’s still too much visibility for him to relax. I’d talked about the sportsground across the road which has an orchard beyond it, we agree that’s a more covert destination. The orchard gate is still locked but the sportsground is deserted.

Both of us see the unlocked changing room at the same time and can’t believe our luck! Laughing, we look inside, deserted! He pulls me hard against him into a deep kiss. The door won’t lock so he stands with his back to it, my hands are already under his shirt running up and down his chest. He’s got a glorious chest, just the right amount of hair on it that I love running my hands across, scraping his nipples. We kiss like it’s the last kiss we’ll share, which makes me melt. Lifting my tshirt, his big hands find my breasts and after confirming their shape and size he unzips my bra. Breaking from kissing, he bends to breathe lightly on one nipple then the other before taking one in his mouth. “Fuck I love your breasts” he mumbles through a mouthful. Either his hot mouth or firm hand are on my breasts which starts the slow burn in me and makes it really difficult to stand. I pull my tshirt and bra off and tug his tshirt over his head. Skin on hot skin, the best and most primal touch, ignites us.

My hand reaches down and closes around the lump in his shorts. He groans against my skin so I slide his shorts and underpants over the protrusion and slip my hand down his shaft to cup and squeeze his balls. He’s so warm and soft, yet hard in my hand. I adore the feel of his cock and balls in my mouth, but I can wait…

He’s naked and soon, so am I. Both of us finding it hard to care if we’re disturbed while his fingers are inside my pussy and my fingers digging into his neck and shoulders while I whimper into his ear.

I’m so wet and I want him in my mouth and down my throat. I push him away and drop to my knees, dragging my sweatshirt under my knees. Damned if I’m not going to be comfortable! He groans, knowing what’s ahead. He’s delighted with my enthusiasm to suck his cock and for my part, his enthusiasm about my enthusiasm…well it just makes it even more exciting for me. I adore giving pleasure. I touch my tongue tip to his glans and that’s enough to make him quiver. Taking his head into my mouth I rim the glans with my tongue, flicking the frenulum and he’s the one with weak knees now. But swallowing him is what really thrills us both. I can take him down my throat and hold him there while I run my hands up and down his chest. He clamps my hands to his chest and pushes deeper into my throat. I gag a little which makes my salivary glands speed up, Wesley loves a sloppy blow job. I lick and suck his balls and massage his perineum. He’s telling he how good my mouth feels on his cock and wrapping his hands in my hair to hold my head. I steady my rhythm up and down his shaft, taking a break to wrap both hands around it and squeeze his length hard. My  saliva means he’s wet and I can be really firm. His lower body is arched away from the door toward me and who doesn’t love a girl on her knees with your cock in her mouth? I make sure to look up to meet his eyes so he can see how much I love what I’m doing.

“I need to fuck you, I want to be inside you” he moans. Oh yes please! I kneel on the bench, presenting my arse to him. Effortlessly and with a groan of satisfaction from both of us, he’s inside me and thrusting with passion. He wraps his hand around my hair and pulls my head back, which makes me clench tighter around his cock, driving our passion further.

Voices?!!…fuck!! Wesley leans back against the door. I fly into my clothes as quietly as possible, feeling extraordinarily vulnerable and hand him his shorts and shirt. We both freeze, wondering if they’re coming through the door or passing by. They’re using the water fountain but take ages and are talking about sports. There’s a bin full of flags and equipment in the room with us, how do we explain what we’re doing with the door closed if they come inside looking for it? Shit, their dog barks. A dog?!! My dog couldn’t care less.

The voices fade and we both breathe again. Oh the relief! It’s time for Wesley to be home anyway so I cautiously open the door and peer outside. Whew, nobody around but a glorious sunset to complete another gorgeous day. We enjoy it seated on the bench outside for a few minutes while we both catch our breath, laughing yet so relieved to have escaped being caught. Neither of us really wanting to break the sunset spell and go our separate ways but knowing there will be a next time. One last lingering kiss and we turn our backs to the sunset and go home.

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