Well the Mrs was in the city having coffee with her mate as she usually does. I didn't want to crash their date so sent her a txt and would catch up when she finishes. I parked just off the main street in a semi busy street during the weekend. It was a nice warm and sunny day so parked under a tree and laid back listening to some music and kinda dozed off. Maybe twenty minutes my lovely lady is at the window smiling at me. Peck on the cheek and had a quick chat because I had some stuff to catch up with. I'm not sure whether it was the warm day and my sexy lady talking to me but I had a massive hard-on which shouldn't go to waste. I had shorts and a T shirt on and she had a short denim skirt and white singlet top on. She has huge pert tits and a curvaceous body to match. She has a bubbly cheeky personality and attracts a lot of attention from men and women alike. The Mrs describes me as intelligent,flirty and strong at 6ft 2 and of solid build. Anyway I have a sports 4WD and we decide to jump in the back for more room. I barely close the door and she is sucking my cock like theres no tomorrow. We don't talk but we know exactly what each other wants. She teases my engorged head with her tongue and grins as she looks into my eyes. Then she deep throats me without missing a beat. At this rate it will be all over before it begins! I'm massaging her massive tits with large hard nipples. I then realise that people are walking around but this makes it more exciting and dangerous. My slightly tinted windows appear to be hiding our hot steamy encounter. I'm not going to last much longer so I pull her up and we do reverse cowgirl. I pull her g string to the side and she rides my cock like a pro. Her juices are running down my shaft and I'm pulling down on her skirt. By now we are hot and sweat is pouring off us both. I don't care who's around us now and how we didn't get caught I do not know. Watching my cock entering her wet pussy is all too much and I shoot my load to add to the excessive amounts of moisture. That was easily the best public sex we have ever had. We adjust our clothes and I give her a peck on the cheek and head off. That was a pretty bloody good day :-)