Written by KiwiBanga


This happened in 1996 ...

I had fucked this girl once before this story in a motel room after i met her at a nightclub.

I was at one of our local nightclubs with a friend and this girl asked me for a dance we danced for most of the night but went our different ways , well that's what i thought. After the club finished i was heading to my mates car when this girl grabbed my arm and asked what i was up too , i told her i was heading home .

She asked me if i could walk her home , i looked at my mate and he had a smile on his face . So we started to walk home and only got to a local supermarket , where we started to make out . We decided to head down to the underground carpark where it had a pull caged roller door for when it was closed. We began kissing then i had her pinned against the roll door and she was starting to unzip my jeans.

We were out of control and my already hard cock was throbbing to be unleashed , she lifted her dress and guided my hardness into her nice wet moist pussy. I lift one leg up to drive myself deeper into her as she reached up to grab the cage to hold herself up as i began to start pumping my cock deeper and harder into her now soaking cunt. It was so intense we were just going for gold and then next minute we could hear voices in the distence heading our way. So we quickly tided ourselves and waited for them to pass on by ..

We thought we better start on our way again , as we were passing a park , we again began to feel horny and naughty so we walked into the park. She dropped to her knees and unzipped my jeans again pulling my cock out and started to give me a blow job. I was like wow , she was sucking my hardness like it was the last cock left on earth.

I grabbed her and lifted her dress up as i bent her over a picnic table and began to fuck her from behind , i was grabbing her hips pulling them towards me as i pushed myself into her.

She started to moan but knew she had to be quiet in case we got caught fucking in a public place , she said your got to cum in me soon before i lose control and with that i made her lie on her back on the table and spread her legs. I began to fuck her so hard and deep that i blow my load inside her as she let out the biggest scream i had heard from a woman.

i stood with my cock inside her for bout 5 minutes as we talked and got our breathe back. We then got up and i walked her home . She said thank you for an awesome night and we went our seperate ways.

I fucked her once more after this event at her friends house , where i gave her her first anal experience , she loved it and said that she had never wanted to try anal before and said that she was glad it was with me as i was talking to her , as i slowly insert my cock into her ass , stopping every time to make sure she was okay and it wasn't hurting to much. Then when i was all the way in , i began to fuck her ass harder. I pulled out and slid the condom off and shot my hot creamy load over her back..