Written by Toby


We were driving out towards the beach early in the morning, and pulled into the Huia viewing point at 7am. It was of course deserted, we hadn't been here before and took in the remarkable view. We hadn't seen each other for a week and were both ridiculously horny, we kissed hard and quickly worked our way into a desperate frenzy. She clawed at my belt, un buttoning my jeans, the feeling of my hard cock being exposed and grasped in her hand was bliss. The realisation that she was sliding down my body, her kisses making their way towards my aching cock giddying. The moment she took me in her mouth, enjoying my pleasure as she pleased me. I was reminded that she looked so crazily pretty, even with my cock in her mouth. And that unlike other girls, she gave a far more moist blowjob, her wide mouth teasing me before taking me deeper. Moaning as my hand took her head to guide her and gently push harder. It wasn't long before I came hard, waves of orgasm passing as she swallowed my come. She laughed at my relief, and decided to continue.

There is a beach somewhere out west, if you drive to the end of the dirt road beyond Huia. You park and walk through some

bush and arrive at the beach. A large rock and cliff formation to the left and sand dunes roll out to the right.

We walked, I owed her some relief and we as we explored the dunes we found a concealed dip, the viewpoint from the top showed we were seemingly alone for miles so our hot kissing continued. I peeled off her top, she wasn't wearing a bra, and has beautiful tits, not small, not large. But very sexy. Expecting her to be a little shy she happily let me strip her, her amazing figure, tiny waist, cute arse. Long hair. We moved down into the dip and stripping each other until we were both naked on the blanket we had carried with us. I moved her onto all fours and started to take her roughly. She came soon after. But I wasn't finished, we fucked relentlessly, changing positions and completely forgetting that we were in public. It was incredible to fuck with such abandon in the open air, not a stolen quickie, but hard and fast sex. Eventually I came like I can't remember!!

Walking back we paddled in the sea and then bathed in a deep pool by the cliffs. Her white t shirt becoming see through. We sat and ate some food we had packed, and watched a few men further down the beach, a fisherman passed close to us and vanished further round the cliff, and some Chinese tourists wandered around in the distance. As she straddled me, and began to grind, we were kissing passionately when again when we both realised we had lost control and needed to have each other again. She pulled out my cock and pushed aside her knickers, sliding me inside her. Oh she was so wet, and as we slowly fucked, enjoying the intensity, slowly at first. Becoming harder and faster and more obvious. The men swimming must have realised. My hands pulling up her top to enjoy those pert tits. We fucked faster and faster, she was sitting on me, her legs wrapped round me, grinding harder. I tried hard to hold on, to make the moment last longer but as my hot come filled her, her face forever etched in my memory. Hiding in plane sight.