Written by Toby


...so a little update.

Last night we found ourselves parked on the road that runs under Auckland Bridge. Where everyone fishes. We took pictures of the sunset and then climbed into the back of the car to watch the last rays of the day fade away. Under the grey light we of course began kissing passionately, and our hands began to wander. She felt me through my jeans and could feel I was desperate for her. As it was dusk, and a fair few people were still walking and jogging past I didn't imagine we would lose control too much. I was pleasantly surprised when our kisses became hot, and my hands wandering up under her cropped t-shirt she was wearing under a loose shirt, she rarely wears a bra, she started to moan and repositioned her body. My hands moved to pull her t-shirt, exposing her cute tits. The idea anyone could appear at the window but blindly walked past was exciting. I felt her pulling at my jeans, loosening my belt and unbuttoning me. My hand slid into her jeans, my fingers enjoying her wetness. My gentle rubbing becoming faster, our kisses harder, her hand pumping my cock until she came. As she recovered she slid down and took me into her mouth. It didn't take me long until I came hard, letting her swallow up every last drop. Licking me clean. A few moments passed before we shared a last lingering hot kiss. Pulled ourselves together and drove off. Another memorable moment created.

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