Written by Toby


So, yesterday I was at a MJ Savage Memorial park on Tamaki Drive, it was Saturday and there were many people around. There is a spot in the bushes we have used before to get amorous but it must have been a weekday as people were milling around very close this time. So we took a wander over to a nearby spot, on the other side. Much quieter, but had given up on any full on fun. Which is a shame as my young female accomplice had worn a short skirt especially. So we lay down in a quiet spot and enjoyed the sunshine, after a while we became frisky and it overcame us. Our kissing became passionate and our hands wandered, mine beneath her legs where began to pleasure her, her gentle moans were music to my ears. It was not long before she unbuttoned my jeans and had my hard cock in her hands, gently wanking me. Her body laying to shield me but no-one was around.

This continued for a while until I happened to notice a man (I assume) in the trees nearby, and then the next time I looked I had lost sight of him. I've fantasised a bit about us being seen, and it's a turn on thinking you might get caught. Just two weeks ago we were in some woods, my partner on all fours as I fucked her from behind. And it was hot knowing that if someone stumbled upon us it would be a pretty good show for them! Anyway, as she teased my cock and I fingered her intensely I suddenly noticed he was much much nearer. Leaning out from behind a tree having a good look....having someone nearby watching put me off a little, and my girl realised. So we decided to stop, she stood up, to re arrange herself. And at this point I must say she is absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous., 25yrs old. As this is why we almost had sex in a park on a busy day! I just couldn't help myself!

So she stood behind a tree thinking she was hidden (she wasn't) and pulled her skirt up, flashing her hot arse to our friend.

We had a laugh and left but I'm a little disappointed on reflection we didn't put on more of a show....anyone here think we should have put on a show? Or maybe it was you who saw us, and can complete the picture :)