Written by Test_the_waters


He arrived, pleasantries exchanged she invited him to feel her as she stood facing him and then turning away from him. "Oh I can feel him getting hard" she remarked. He soon undressed and his very large dark cock was springing at attention, it was long and I mean long. She liked it I could tell as he eyes fixated on it. She looked at me for approval to do as she wished and I smiled. He started to be sucked a bit and then she lay down on the bed as he ex,owed her body. I have to add I was filming at this stage, and it looked hot. He sucked her tits, and caressed her body, she turned over and he rubbed his big member up and down her cheeks and it found a way to nuzzle its way between her legs. She was still wearing a body suit at this stage, and he was enjoying rubbing along her inner things as she lightly moaned and pushed her body against his cock.

Soon he was between her legs and unbuttoned the body suit giving his mouth and tongue free access to her pussy and he sent several minutes giving her inner pussy and lips attention and care, and my loving wife was enjoying more and more, and I came along to let her suck my cock as well and give her tits some more needed attention. He was ready to fuck her, and asked where the condoms were and put it on his cock, she spread her legs on her back and he entered and began to build up momentum. He was hitting the right spots and rhythm as Mrs TTW was grunting and groaning and entwined her legs around him and before we could plan for where he would unload, he blew inside her, condom on.

We took a little time out, and he lay next to her and caressed her. He started to regain his hardness and his naked cock started to press against her thighs and she gave him some good ball and cock sucking, slapping it against her face at times and slurping on it, but struggling to get more than have the length of his cock in her mouth. I was allowed to film a little more and he went and put on another rubber and started to glide it between her legs while she was on all fours. I asked her to lie on her back and let me see his cock teasing her wet pussy (you could hear how wet she was). They both teased me as being a director and wanting to get the right shots but our new playmate was loving this and liked to oblige and made him push more and more against her. I asked him to take his condom off and see his cock rubbing against her, and he did exactly that. My wife took her hand with wedding ring on and let it dip around her pussy edges.......

Readers if you want to know more let us know....I can tell you I came twice that night, Mrs TTW came too, and our playmate came at least 4 times........