My partner and I were at a party and we were getting really really drunk. Laughing and talking like we were the only ones there. We met 2 girls there that we really fun, I could tell 1 of them was attracted to my partner.

It didn't bother me at all I totally trust him and him the same to me. Any way I let this girl give it a try I also encourages her a little. She was pretty, nice body a Lil submissive you could say she did what ever we said. Like . Go get us some drinks etc. Everyone was leaving the party her friend had left to. We had a motel down the road and were going to taxi there. We felt sorry for her she was alone and had no where to go so we invited her stay on the motel couch. We gt back and drank more. I told her to put her hand on my partners thigh, she did it. I told her to move it down, she did it. I started to get turned on and started to feel my pussy tingle. My partners penis started to harden. I told her to kiss him and they kissed. I was so fucking horney.

Next thing we all kissing and licking each other. We told her to lay on the bed and spread her legs. Her submissiveNess was a turn on to us both. We both started to lick her slowly as well as kissing each other. It was like a movie.she was moaning and squirming on the bed. I wanted her to cum on my partner so he sat on the couch and she sat on top of him. He sucjed on her tuts and lowered her down. I just watched my puss was bursting about to cum just watching. She bounced up n down moaning and moaning. I loved it. I loved watching him fucking her. I opened my legs as I sat at the end of the bed he brought her over and made her eat me as he pashed me and pinched my nipple. I grabbed her face and pushed in my pussy and grinder her face as I came on her tounge

I stayed there in my back as my partner dogged her so hard. He was pulling her hair and thrusting hard. He pulled out and came on my mouth. It was the best night ever. Now I like to watch him fucking other girls he loves it as long as I'm happy. It's my new addiction