The next time I needed to travel out to clients with documents for them to sign was a lovely elderly couple,their farm was about an hour and a half from town near the coast.Id`e arranged to be there around 2 pm and when I arrived I drove up the long driveway to what seemed to be the farm house and knocked on the door.There was no answer so I knocked several times and even walked around the back of the house.It was clear there was nobody there so I got back in my car and drove down to the small cottage near the entrance gate.As I got out of the car a young guy appeared from the front door.Apparently he was the grandson and his Grandfather had become very ill during the night and had to be taken to hospital.The Grandmother had gone with him so that explained where they were.I chatted with the young guy [ Eric ] for a few minutes and he asked me inside to see a litter of puppies that`d been born only a week earlier.I`m a sucker for puppies and kittens so I went in with him to see them.I must admit I couldn't take my eyes off this young guy`s tight little bum either he was wearing a pair of rugby shorts and a T shirt and must have been atleast six foot two tall.We looked at the puppies and chatted a bit more and I told him Ide wait to hear from his Grandmother before setting another time to come back,,,,,,I returned the following week,,the old guy was still in hospital but his wife was able to sign everything.As I left her I stopped at the cottage again to see if Eric was there.I must admit I was hoping he was.Sure enough he greeted as I got out my car and I went inside with him to chat and see the puppies again.He couldn't take his eyes off me,,Id`e worn a tight stretch dress and high heels and it was obvious he was quite mesmerised. We made small talk for a bit longer and I`m sure he wanted what I wanted but I just didn't know wether to risk it..I really should have got in my car and gone but instead I leaned forward and gave him a peck on his cheek,,his hand went to my side and he fumbled around awkwardly so I kissed him again on his neck..then his cheek again,,he had no idea what to do so I took the lead,,my hand went his chest then slowly down to his shorts,,I felt his cock and how hard it was and squeezed it gently,,I pulled at the side of his shorts and slipped down over his bum and grabbed his cock again,,it was beautiful,,long and thick and uncut,,I stroked it up and down slowly then then said to him "come and lie down over here",,he lay on the floor naked with his young cock erect and ready,, I stood over him and pulled my dress up over my hips,as I slowly squatted over him I reached back for his cock with one hand and pulled my panties to one side with the other,,his knob was there we`re I wanted it and I slid over it devouring every lovely inch of it,,I leaned forward and supported myself on his shoulders and started a nice slow fuck,,a fuck I knew I shouldn't be having but I wanted it,taking it slow I just moved back and forth,,then left to right before getting ready to slide up and down on it,,,within a few seconds he closed his eyes and a grimace came across his face,,at the same time I felt his cock convulse and spirt his cum into me,,,,he`d cum already,,it was less than a minute,,,I stayed still,,I reassured him it was ok,then carefully climbed off him to clean us both up,,,I reassured him again that it was fine and left,,,,,,