Well I didn't think Id`e ever see Eric again but I thought about him a lot after that afternoon and how embarrassed and disappointed he was.About 3 weeks after that day sadly his Grandfather died.The family were from Hamilton and being clients of ours we thought it appropriate to travel up and attend the funeral.My boss Dave and one of the other seniors Bruce and went up and being such a busy place we all stayed at different motels along the same street in Hamilton..Ofcourse I was pretty sure Ide see young Eric and as we all spilled out of the church there he was.He looked so handsome in his long trousers and school blaser,,I said hi and we agreed to catch up at the hall for a cup of tea...I could see he was watching for me and when I got the chance I slipped him a piece of paper with my motel and unit number and told him if he wanted to chat Id`e be there later on...Id`e got back to the motel around 5pm and showered and changed and opened a bottle of sav` then there was a knock at the door..It was Eric,,saturated,,it was pouring outside,,so I got him in and got him a towel..My mind was racing with thoughts of how we`d left things last time but this was an opportunity not to be missed.We chatted for a bit but as soon as I put my arm around his shoulder it was clear what was about to happen,,we undressed and as he sat up on the bed I crawled over the top of him,,that lovely big cock of his was hard and inviting and I went to work on it with such delight,,licking and sucking it and kissing his young balls,,then I lay beside him and kissed him and placed his hands on my boobs and showed him how to stimulate me the way I like,,we kissed and explored each other before I directed him over ontop of me,,I spread my legs wide and felt his lovely young cock slide into me,,I let him enjoy me like that for a few minutes then decided Id`e change positions and I got onto my hands and knees,,I was sure he`d be pretty excited at the sight of me like that and it was going to help me achieve orgasm too..He held my hips as he slid into me again and I reached under work my clit knowing that`d bring me off if he didn't cum too soon,,,god it was magic,,he sped up just at the right time and I managed a lovely shuddering orgasm just before he did,,,,,,,