Written by Funseeker69


It all started here on this site ! A couple of months ago as I was browsing the site along poped up a new member and said hi ! I quickly looked at her profile ! Nice ;) I messaged back and we got chatting . She was married and looking for a bit of fun , we swapped photos and bingo we had mutual attraction ;) b4 we new it a time and place was set up for our rendezvous ....

I took the morning off work and met her at a small coffee shop in eskdale. I had already told her I had a gift for her , that being a remote controll bullet ! ( if uv not tryed one u have to go get one now ! There awsom ) we both arrived at the same time in the car park and without even saying a single word I walked over to her and gave her a kiss. She str8 away said "nice now don't u have something for me" lol and we both laughed ! I said ok then lets go uver to my car . She sat on the back seat an lifted up her skirt WOW I was instantly hard as a rock !!!!!! She asked me would I like to put it in ??? Dam str8 was my answer and again we both laughed !!! I opened the package and put in the batteries. I lowered my head and kissed her beautifull clean shaven pussy and gave her moist lips a lick , and placed the toy in my mouth to moisten it , then used my mouth to slide it into hur as she lent a helping hand with her finger .

We wandered up to the coffee shop ordered and went to take a seat in the garden in a little pergola in the corner. We chatted for about 15 min and she said I hate to tell you but this thing jst don't work ! Lol I grinned and said never mind ill get u a new one ! Jst as the waitress was walking across the lawn with our drinks. As the waitress lent over the table to pass the coffee over to her ....... Yup u got it ... I let it rip with the remote !!!!! Bang ! She lept backwards in her seat and let out the funniest little squeel ever !!!!! We totaly lost it falling about laughing and the waitress wondering what the hell was going on ?????

I took the remote from my pocket and we played with the controls till she asked me to help her out by useing my finger (who was I to refuse a beautifull woman's request ) no sooner than my finger tuches her dripping wet clit she started to quiver and grabbed my hand tight as she started to orgasum !!! My god !!!! She flowed like a tap ! I soooo wanted to go down on her and taste that sweet nectar !!! She siged and started to relax a little weth a huge smile on her face she said thank you ! ..... She then reached for my cock that was throbbing hard and wet and said I think we best go to your car eh !!!!!! She didn't have to ask me twice !!! We got to my car and she dam near ripped my jeans open to get at mt hard cock ! And lowered her head and gave me one of the best head jobs iv ever had ;););) she swallowed my cum and said we best go for a drive coz I need to feel that cock inside me !!!!!! Sure I said ! I no jst the place .

Off we drove for about 10 min till we reached the river. We both jumped out the car and walked to the front of the car. She lifted her skirt and pulled out the bullet and put it in my mouth as she ripped open my jeans again! My cock was already throbbing hard and she fed it into her pussy, it felt like it was being devoured ! I gave a few gud strokes as she moans and groans then pull it out and turn her over and took her from behind ! She started to quiver again and gushed had uver the bonnet !!! I was only a couple of strokes from cumming and she dropped to her knees as I came all over her face !!!!!!! She cleaned up every drop and even got me to lick any remainders from her lips !!!!!!!

Fuk me she was awsom ! We drove back to her car and that was it ! She told me it was fantastic and said ill c u again call me !

Dam str8 !!!!!! Two weeks later she left her husband and moved to oz !!!!!! WTH !!!!!!!