Written by Kiwi


So today I got a text from my ex from about 17 yrs ago and it got me thinking about her small tits and shaved pussy, and the last time I fucked her.

My wife when away for a few days and while she was away I texted my ex to see what she was up to, she said not much so I asked if she wanted to come over for a drink, well she said yes so I went to her place and picked her up as she didn’t have a car, when we got back to my place I poured a drink for both of us and we got to chatting, now after a few drinks I got her to take her clothes off her nipples were getting hard and her pussy was shaved clean. It didn’t take long for her to get on her knees and taking my hard cock in her mouth while I was playing with her tits, I moved my hand down to her clit and started to rub it, she was nice and wet so I push her back and spread her legs so I could go down and eat her cunt until she begged me to just fuck her, so I did I took my hard cock and just fucked her dripping wet cunt until I blew my load deep inside her then I turned her over and started to fuck her again as I was still hard as a rock, after about 10mins of fucking her already cum filled cunt I pulled out and went and put my cock start into her ass which I have fuck many times in the past, she asked me to stop so we did so we could have a drink and a smoke after we had our drink and smoke I rolled her over and just started to fuck her again and it didn’t take her long to have another orgams which made me fill her with cum again . Now after hearing from her today has got me thinking I want to fuck her again and I will I just need to head to wear she lives now and I am planning on doing that in the next few weeks