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Sam2017 3 years ago

A surprise encounter

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6 min
She was a friend of my ex. I was divorced and single. Every time I saw her she’d start flirting madly with me, I ignored the flirting other than being professional and friendly. Then it happened. I was stuck at the airport as the flights had been cancelled. As I jumped into the last taxi she came over and said "Are you going to a hotel? I’m stranded and it looks like you’ve got the last taxi." "No problem” I hear myself say. As I check in, the clerk says “you’re lucky that’s the last room, sorry it’s a twin there no king rooms left. He hands me two keys and says "Enjoy your night guys, I think almost every where is sold out tonight." I’m about to object and say, “Sorry but she’s not with me” but I feel a hand on my arm and Bex whispers quietly "You wouldn’t leave a girl stranded would you?" I mumble, “Are you sure?” She replied "You’re my best offer." So I head to my room with her in tow. We agree which bed we will each have and she asks if I wil; take her for dinner and I agree. She excuses herself for to powder her nose and returns about ten minutes later wearing a towel. I turn away and roll my eyes. She said "I’ll,be ready in a moment."... “Ready,..” I turn to take her down for dinner and standing before me is a gorgeous blonde with what looks like F cup breasts standing naked. "Do you like what you see?" she asks "I don’t want any awkwardness at dinner or tonight so I thought an ice breaker would be nice." I’m speechless as she walks over and presses herself against me. "What about your husband?” I ask, "aren’t you married?" "Well, he hasn’t touched me for about 6 years so while I won’t tell him, I think he’s lost the right to ask. I haven’t had a man for 6 years and now your single I don’t feel bad about offering myself to you. I’ve always fancied you and when friends who you’ve dated including your ex talked about how exciting you are I knew you would be the one to break my dry spell." "What do you mean?" I stammer. "You’ve dated a lot of my friends who went to school with you and at least half a dozen have said that you were the most exciting guy that they had dated. I really want to know why?" By this stage, I’m over the shock and what I think will be a hard night is becoming something potentially quite exciting. "What have you heard?" I ask. "I’ve heard you’re very demanding, know what you want and expect your partner to do whatever you say without hesitation or reservation but that you’re in the top 1%. All of the girls who I know you’ve slept with say that they’ve come back for seconds and no one has said anything negative." “How far will you take this, will you follow instructions exactly?" I ask "Yes" she says, "I haven't had sex for 6 years, I’ll do anything..." I order her to undress me so she takes my clothes off. For the next 30 minutes we chat while I stroke her entire body including her breasts and nipples until I see her relax to my touch. She tells me that I’m very sensual. At this point I haven’t touched her pussy but her excitement is evident. "Are you sure you want this?" I ask. "Please stop teasing me!" she demanded "I need you now!" I remind her that she’s agreed to follow instructions so it’s up to me to decide what, if anything, I want to do to her and that If I choose to deny her an orgasm even if I make her give me one then that my decision. I remind her that if she fails to follow instruction then I reserve the right to discipline her in any way I see fit. She nods acceptance For the next half hour she answers questions about her past experiences while I caress her body. I tell her it’s time for dinner and feel the tension go out of her body as she misunderstands and thinks we are heading out. I say "Before we go down for our main course, you're my entree." She nods, so for the first time I slide my hand down between her legs. For the next hour or so, she has an almost continuous orgasm, every time she indicates it’s my turn I tell her to ride the wave and enjoy. I then point out it’s my turn and she nods asking what I want her to do for me. I remind her whatever I instruct. I warn her that things might get very intense but that I expect her to behave. I then tell her that I want her to ride my cock, she starts to suggest that she might struggle as she’s getting tired. I raise my eyebrows. She immediately responds by grasping my cock and positioning it carefully slides down until she takes it all. I lay back while she rides slowly at first then at my urging starts picking up the pace. "I’m cumming!" she finally gasps as her pussy starts orgasming "Don’t stop!" I order as she starts to slow, "Keep riding until I tell you to stop. Ride your orgasm out until your body stops orgasming." After about 10 minutes she starts having a quivering orgasm, her lower body quivering with excitement. Surprise she against starts to slow. A single spank is enough to remind her to keep going. Then catching her by surprise, her whole body starts convulsing in a whole body orgasm, milking the cum out my cock as I struggle to hold back. As I tell her I’m about to cum she grinds down harder and the rippling in her pussy milks me she continues to ride orgasms wracking her body until I explode inside her for a second time and I tell her she can have a rest when she’s ready. Her last orgasm starts subsiding after about 15 minutes... The feeling of her having her whole of body orgasm was exquisite and leaves me mentally and physically exhausted.She collapses onto my chest exhausted. How did you do that she says I’ve never experienced anything like that before... I just wink She slides down and licks and sucks my cock till there’s no juices left to clean. I’d heard you were exciting but I didn’t believe it until today. Would you be interested in Another date? She asks? I think so, you we’re pretty exciting too, I reply She says is there anything else I can do for you... ..welll... Anything at all she says I ask if she’s got any girl friends to share with me... She smiles... “after I tell them what happened they’ll be fighting for a turn” ..although I don’t know if I want to share... I raise my eyebrow ..but I’ll organise something soon... she quickly adds. Order us both some room service I instruct And in the morning if you want some attention, wake me at 5. Properly with a blow job... Yes sir she responds...

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