We live in different areas but try to meet up regularly for amazing fucking.

The chemistry between us is so amazing, we can just look at each other and without words know that within a moment, within minutes, an hour, the day we will be exploring each others bodies over & over.

Having previously discussed our fantasies, I suggested to my lover that we take a drive up to 'The Lake', due to bad weather there was low fog spoiled the vista, I had other things on my mind though.

While he meandered us through the narrow bush lined road I reached over to his crotch rubbing his cock through his jeans this had the desired affect, soon his cock was engorged and straining to be released from his jeans. I slowly unzipped his jeans, his swollen cock sprang out. Precum on his knob glistened and helped to lubricate as my hand wrapped around the shaft slowly rhythmically stroking up & down.

I was wet and ready to be taken, he was strong and hard ready to claim my pussy. We pulled into a semi secluded bay and quickly readjusted our clothing. We decided to hop out of the car and go for a walk, with cold rain and bitterly cold wind that plan was soon scuttled, heading back to the car lover suggested we hop into the back of the car (fucking in public during daylight a mutual fantasy mmm what a turn on). We quickly jumped into the back seat, ripped our clothes off and fucked hard. He was ploughing into me so hard the car keys were rattling in the ignition. The hard fucking and potential of being caught had us both cumming.....