Written by Happy Boy


So there I was standing there almost numb, just trying to take in what had just happened but at the same time watching Kristy take Gail in her arms and give the hottest kiss I have ever seen.

They then both turned to me and laughed while asking me if I like what just happened, I replied with a hell yes .. Gail then asked if I was game to play some more, once again my reply was hell yes and with that she popped herself up on the picnic table Kristy had been sitting on spread her leg and said “well is someone going to eat me or what” so I moved over to her sank to my knees and inserted my tong in as deep her hot wet pussy as I could. God she tasted good and oh so hot, furthermore she was reacting well to my efforts and with a blast, I went move away but she said to please keep going as she was about to cum again.

I inserted two fingers into her to give my tong a rest and worked them in and out all the time feeling for her G-spot that I found. This brought her off again almost straight away and this time she softly pushed me away to catch her breath.

I looked up wondering where Kristy was, she was laying on her back on the ground and had a large dildo inserted deep inside her. Where the hell that came from I did not know but thought I should go and help her. But before I could make a move Gail was there inserting this large toy deep into Kristy’s pussy, so I just watch these two hot women go at it like two horny rabbits.

I cock was hard again so I started to rub it just enough to keep it going without getting too carried away while watching this wild seen in front of me. As I watched it became clear that they knew each other bodies very well and that was far from the first time they had done this. Kristy was loving the toy inside her and I could just make out that Gail was now using her tong on her as well the toy.

Kristy called out to me to “take her, take her from behind” so I moved around to behind Gail who’s ass was sticking up as she kneeled on the ground while working on Kristy’s pussy, Gail spread her knees apart just a little so that I could enter her pussy. God was it hot, wet , and tight it griped my cock like a vice and milked it as I began to hammer it home, all the time hearing Kristy cum over and over again as Gail worked her pussy for all it was worth.

Once again all this was string to take it toll on me and just as I started to go into survival mode, Gail came like I had never felt or heard anyone cum before her pussy exploded around my cock and she screamed FUCK YES FUCK ME. I pulled my still hard cock out and she slumped to the ground trying to catch her breath.

Within just a few second both girls were on their feet and took me bi the hand asking me to sit on the table, who was I to say no…Kristy took my cock deep into her mouth and began working on it for all she was worth, I then felt a second tong licking the underneath of my balls as Gail had slid under us to help her friend bring me off. God this haven and it only took me a couple of minutes to once again come but this time deep in Kristy’s mouth. When I had finished coming she stood up and deep kissed a now half-dressed Gail , they sheared my cum with their tongs (I sight I will remember till my dyeing days) then we all proceeded to get dress .

There is a part 3 to this would you like to here ???