Written by Happy Boy..


It all started one Friday night when my girlfriend Kristy suggested that we take one of our late night strolls up bluff hill in Napier. I was always very keen on these as it meant we would have sex up there and it was always a buzz so I readily agreed. Twenty minutes later we had parked our car and were eating our McDonalds when her cell went off. Kristy answered it, but almost immediately jumped out of the car to talk to the person on the other end of the line. When she finished she popped her head back in the car and said cum on lets go for a walk, she had the biggest smile on her face I had ever seen but just figured it was the fact we were about to have public sex and that always made her hot as hell. As we strolled across the grass looking down at lights of Napier I thought to myself I wonder how was on the phone as Kristy had never hid a calls content from me before. As we reach our favourite spot she reached down and ran her hand across my already hard cock god it felt good she knew just how to touch it to get an instant reaction from me. As it was dark and very warm we both strip to our underwear. Kristy has very large breast and I could see them glisten in the what light there was as she sat herself on the picnic table and spread her legs running one of her hands down her body to crease her pussy. This was always my go down on her and obliged almost immediately. As soon as my tong and fingers touch her pussy I could feel the heat from it, she came within seconds of me starting (this normally took a few minutes of my best efforts) and did not try to hide her pleasure. Kristy just laid there for a minute or so after cumming then jumped up and smiled at me as she sank to her knees pulling down my boxers in one motion. With no effort she took my cock deep inside her very eager mouth and ran her tong along the full length of my shaft as she did it, I was in heaven as she worked my by now near busting cock towards and explosion that was about to cum. It was a this point for some reason I looked up from watching her head doing its thing to me and saw a person standing right beside her. I pulled away and tried to cover myself, but Kristy just laughed and said strongly “stay put and show Gail what I brought her”. It was then that I realized that the person standing with both now was Gail a girlfriend of Kristy’s, they worked together at a local supermarket and often went out on the town together and she was near naked with only her panties on. Not knowing what next to do or say I just dropped my hands from covering my cock. Gail stepped closer and took my cock in her hands running her fingers up and down my shaft then dropping to her knee’s took my cock into her mouth as she did this she ran her left hand up Kristy’s leg and slid two fingers in her pussy. Well the sight and feel of all this was just too way much and I came with a minute deep in Gail’s mouth she swallowed every drop of cum from what I could see. As I stood there in disbelief as what just happen little did I know this was just the start of the nights action.

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