Written by Bbwlover


Several years ago an old mate turned up out out the blue we use to kick around a lot when we where younger it was him,my gf and me every weekend drinking and talking but life moves on and family as and stuff. So any it was great to catch as you can imagine we having a few drinks and I might say we where pretty drunk so my wife decided to put the kids to bed so we could continue our little catch. No sooner had my wife gone my mate comes over and says there is something I've always wanted to do to you and gets on his knees and jerks down my pants and sticks my soft cock in his mouth .I didn't know what to say but my cock just started to get hard as he keeped stuck ng and licking it I enjoyed it more and put my hands on his head as and started pushing my cock deeper in his mouth. Next minute we heard my wife coming up the hall so I quickly pull up pants and we quickly got back on our seats and continued drinking . over the next half an hour the three of us proceeded to drink and now my wife had caught up to our drunken relaxed state so I thought fuck it and told her what our mate did . she said your bullshitting me and turned to my mate and said to him show me what you did so my wife got behind me and slide my pants and our mate came over and resumed sucking my cock but this time my wife got on her knees as well and started fondling my balls as she encouraged my mate to go deeper mmm I was in heaven I look at my wife and she had this slutty look on her face,like its her turn now, so I pulled my cock out of my mates mouth and said to him its time to service the wife he knodded hi head and we headed of to the bedroom where I lay my now naked wife on the bed. And my mate and i stripped off . I have a modest 6inch cock but when my mate stripped out popped this fucking horse cock 10inch min my wife's eyes lit up with lust as she beckoned him to her mouth as I proceeded to eat her juicy cunt . I could hear her gag as she was trying to get it in her mouth. I started to finger fuck her first with one finger then two, till I had all four inside then I stuck my thumb in her anus working it back and forth stretching her holes her hips bucked wildly against my hand and tongue as she climaxed flooding my mouth with juices. Right I said to my mate time to fuck my wife she wants that horse cock in her pussy and I'm going to slide my cock in her bum but that's a story for another time.....