Written by test_the_waters


Sat Nite just gone; Well yet again we had put an ad on KWS and had lots and lots of interest from men all wanting to enjoy my foxy wife and make sure as a couple she got her desire to have hands all over her, to be well rubbed and then have mouths work her athletic and slender body all getting her turned on. She has very pale skin and a very tasty pussy and a perfect height and ultimate sex appeal. If you saw her in the street as well as looking twice there is no way on earth you could ever imagine just how sexual and dirty she can and loves to be! Our ultimate desire tonite was to have a MMMF session including myself as the lucky husband. We had even decided to be ULTRA daring and add a new element to it all. Given the amount of guy interest we thought hell why not allow 2 or even 3 extra guys come join at the end of the mini gangbang group session and enjoy some voyeur time and get some hand and mouth action from Foxy to see if they were the real deal. Well the night came and we had ZERO of the prospective voyeurs say/confirm they were in. Very disappointing as so many loads of cum would be missed........However we had our bang session planned and Motel booked and we were off. We arrived at the motel and she wore a short and fitting sexy little black dress with cute pink shoes (see our public photo album) and had done herself up to absolutely fuckable/desireable and so so sexy status. While we waited in our motel room and had a drink I could not help myself and had to start gently nibbling the back of her neck, some little licks on her inner thighs and then to slip her breasts out to give those pert nipples a teaser. I was rewarded with her going down on her knees and sucking my rapidly growing cock (again see our public album) as we were wanting to capture more of our adventures on film to relive and give KWS potentials a true look at what we love to do. Well we settled a little and at last we had that great knock at the door. One of our previous fellas we had since hooked up with following 2 dogging sessions and had a great cock, was very wanting to please and above all was all he had said to be was there ready and we will call him Sid. A few chit chat words passed by us all and she was on the bed still in her dress face down and both Sid and I turned our sets of hands to hub the back of her legs and back and shoulders and you could see her slowly start to melt and relax. We took her little black knickers off and Sid got into some serious arse and pussy licking of her from behind while I slipped off my shorts and underwear and popped my cock into her red lips. She sucked me harder as Sid got some generous tongue into her arse cheeks. From there on she shed her dress and some more of that same great position continued and then she was on the floor on her knees taking turns to suck our cocks. It was time to fuck and she was on the bed and received some side fucking from me while Sid watched and admired and stroked his well hung length enjoying it all. He came up to her face and gently slid his cock between her lips and she sucked well as I really fucked her hard. She then had me lie down on the bed and straddled me taking me in her pussy facing me and it was time for her first official DP! “Can Sid fuck your little arse darling from behind?” I asked. “Oh god yeah he can do what he wants” she said. “So Sid would you like to fuck her arse and get that hard cock of yours into her”. “Oh yeah....” and with that he came up behind her as I fucked her slowly and I watched her face expression change from one of pleasure to ecstasy. Then it was on.... we were both fucking her and she rode us, bucked us and demanded more “fuck me...yeah...just like that...oh god that is good” she said between pants. “How does feel to be such a dirty girl being DP’d by two hard cocks and Sid up your arse?” I had to ask. “I love it give me more” she said and so we did. I needed a quick break and after a moment on return there was Sid ploughing her hard in the missionary position and her legs were raised high in the air and his lips were across her breasts and sucking her nipples and licking her under her neck as she moaned. She gave me a great sight and I had to stroke myself thinking “wow she looks so dirty and so sexy”. After all this Sid wanted to watch us in action for a bit and so we did a Primo 69 and I licked her out and Sid could not resist and waded back in for some lick time of his own while I sucked her breasts. She was fucked some more in both pussy and arse and then she laid back on the bed and gave herself a hand treatment and said “come on how about both of you come and blow your loads on me....” but turning to me she said “where will you blow yours honey?” “On your face around your lips baby” I replied and positioned myself so I could both stroke myself and slip my cock in and out of her mouth and Sid was busy stroking his cock close to her lips and also received the mouth treatment every so often with her cupping his balls in her palm and then mine too in different hands. “Where will Sid cum?” she asked and I paused and then decided. “He can cum on your face as well...do you want to Sid?” “Hell yes” he replied and with that I came over her left cheek and it caught her eyebrow some of her hair and dribbled down to her lips and she started to suck me clean when suddenly Sid blew and hit her right cheek and also her lips and a lot of her hair on that side, she sucked us both clean and we savoured the moment. (see our public photos). Two horny guys had done a great job on this amazing foxy lady and I was so lucky to have her. We all spooned for a bit as Foxy is growing to love the feeling of having a good man on both her sides and feeling the aftermath of the good times and feeling of two penises hard or soft all nestled up next to her. After Sid left we also left the motel shortly afterwards. It was an awesome night HOWEVER we had made ourselves available to other guys and alas there was to be no more cum that night. Guys think what you missed out on! Maybe next time..........But thankyou Sid!