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test_the_waters 7 years ago

A Group MMMF time with Style 100% True of Course

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7 min
Little red mini-pumps with leopard colour black spots completed her outfit, as well as a little green dress that ended a few inches above her lovely knees. Feeling shy before the meet in the bar with our potential gents for the night of fun ahead she did put on a black petticoat underneath and the look was complete with stockings ending half way up her pearl thighs. She looked amazing in her outfit but felt flustered and nervous, doubting her beauty and sexuality and above all ravishing appeal. We met our 1st gent at the scheduled time at the bar, sparkling wine was ordered and consumed and the nerves started to dim a little and late but apologetic our 2nd gent arrived some 25 mins later. Foxy and I decided it was a GREEN light as far as we were concerned with our comfort levels and wanting to have these two join us for a night of sexual fantasy and fun. Shortly after back at the Hotel Room she removed her black petticoat and made sure she was ready and still with a few flutters and nerves and a sip of further wine once the knock at the door was heard, Foxy took a breath and the night was underway. Both men were greeted to a lap dance each and cuddle and from their part they took turns to gently kiss and lick her neck and gently grope her sexy ass and feel her little knickers. Because we had all agreed this was to be a “focus on Foxy lady night” she was laid back on the bed and her knickers removed and one by one each of us 3 men took turns to softly lick her out. Not one wanting to just lie still, Foxy made sure each gent was sucked by her beautifully red lips and tongued each cock and all our balls were rolled by her hands and tongue. “Where will they cum tonight?” she asked me. “I want to see them all and me too cum over your neck, your tits and face darling...let’s see it” I replied. I got a wink and she then was then disrobed and lay there enjoying three men, each now sporting a growing hard cock, massage her legs, kiss her neck and her back. As she took a quick break we all 3 sprinted off our kits and when she returned she asked for one of our men to lie on the bed and she straddled him and gave him a great tease session dangling her tits in his face, having her tits cupped and sucked and the two of us watching this great sight massaged our rock hard shafts. Some of it became a little bit of a blur as she took turns to be pleasured by our mouths, all of us straddled and of our gents gave her a fantastic ass lick out which she loved. One boundary we had imposed on ourselves but not expressed to these two was no mouth to mouth kissing. Why you ask? Well we were always wanting to ensure we had our thing and our own sensuality but for tonight we had talked a few nights before that if this was to happen and it felt right, then we would let it go. I can say at one stage while she was riding a cock and I got behind her arse and eased my cock into her ass she was locked in a short but damn good looking tongue session with the man on the bottom; no harm done, it looked good, it felt right and both our 2 men got to have a little tongue session at some stage that night. But I am jumping ahead. Foxy was on the floor on her knees stroking the cocks on both her new men of the night and admiring their length, their erectness and cocks that looked in need of her tender mouth to spit over them and suck a little. Then all three of us had our cocks around her lips and mouth and we were treated to being mashed in her mouth, filling her cheeks and cocks occasionally touched one another (a new thing for me but all good...). “Do they want to fuck me?” she asked me and then turned to us all “Do you want to fuck me...oh and those look like good hard cocks and I love good hard cocks!” “Hell yes” were just some of the words we said. We pride ourselves on protection, safe sex, but if the men are clean and reputation is solid and the mood is right the rubbers will be ignored. Gent 1 did roll on a rubber, laid down on the bed and she was so wet with anticipation and wanting he was being ridden straight away and between sucking her pert nipples and occasional mouth to mouth sessions Foxy was in sexual heaven! After a few minutes of watching and feeling so turned on I was behind her and she was being DP’d and gent 2 exclaimed “wow DP” and he was up on the bed and getting his very solid member between her mouth and at times crouching down to suck her tits as she was double teamed by our lucky cocks. I pulled out and gent 2 was behind her ass and in (no rubber!) and she was getting such a great pounding and her body writhing and this man loved to pound and loved to pleasure..... I took some super momento shots and then she was on her back and taking turns to have her pussy fucked by all 3 of us while at times. “I want my arse fucked boys too” she asked and again while on her back I eased my cock in and her tits were sucked by the other two men and I am pretty sure at one stage a little more tongue on tongue action between her and another man and gent 2 had a great time fucking her little ass for a bit too; he was loving this and made sure to grab each leg and spread them open for a great view and angle. One of Foxy’s favourite positions to cum in was assumed as she straddled my cock up her ass and pressed back against me and her pussy was well licked out by gent 2 and gent 1 made sure her nipples received extra attention and this went on until she came. Gent 2 was giving it all with his tongue and I could feel his hair between my legs and it was no holes barred for giving my fucking hot wife and tongue + cock DP. Gent 1 would make sure to pull her hair back gently from time to time and rub his cock across her neck and mouth. While on her back getting some missionary time with gent 2, our gent 1 was busy wanking onto her tits and neck. I then put her on all fours and fucked her in the ass while gent 2 had some good deep throat time with his cock being sucked in and out, in and out of her mouth and drips of cum were all around her neck and even dripping down onto the sheets. She then laid on the bed pushing up with her arms. Myself and Gent 2 were on either side and between BJs and wanking we blew our loads over her lips, cheeks, neck and tits. There was so much cum, in fact more cum than I can recall even on dogging sessions with more guys. Drops of it were dripping down her onto her tummy and a few strands and ended up over her eyes and in her red hair. I think at this point I realised her stockings had stayed on the whole time! With all that cum and it was remarked on by her, “that is so much boys have done a great job..shall I lick them all clean my husband?” she asked at me with that coy knowing look. “Absolutely darling you do just that” I replied... I mean hell after all that hard as sex how could I say no and besides we were still hard as! She smeared the remaining cum across her tits and stomach and took each of us into her mouth, licked any remaining cum off an smacked her lips and moved onto the next cock, and then the 3rd cock. That was the night...although the next morning I licked and ate her out till she came and I had an awesome BJ as we talked and relived the night before!

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