Written by KiwiBanga


My wife was at work and I had the day off , so went and saw my friend Aroha.

We were drinking our coffee and chatting when the topic of the convo end up with us talking about sex.

Aroha mentioned that we still had to finish off were we left off last time before the kids interrupted us.

Aroha just had a dress gown on , as she had not long been up after doing night shift and as we sat there chatting I could see her bare legs right up to her thighs , Aroha noticed me looking and uncrossed her legs to show me that she had no panties on.Oh your fucken teasing me now aren't you i say and she laughs with a big cheeky grin saying NO , I wouldn't do that would I.

I laughed and said well two can play that game and unzipped my jeans to get my semi hard cock out.

Just as I had started to stroke my cock to tease Aroha , she arched back on the couch and spread her legs wider as she started to rub her clit and pussy , this was making me crazy watching her across from me teasing the fuck out of me.

I then stood up and undressed as throw my clothes on the floor , Aroha then stood up to slip out of her gown. Oh you bitch I say and she winks at me saying you love it. Yes I do and you know it. .. If I teased her she had to go one better.

As Aroha went to sit down , I pushed her back and started to suck her breasts as I rubbed her now moist pussy.

I could take any more teasing and just had to make my move. I looked into Aroha's eyes as I sucked her nipples and I could tell that she wanted it as much as I wanted her.

I pinned her down on the couch as I quickly inserted my rock hard cock into her wet pussy.to let her know that I was going to take control now. Aroha loved being in control it was a pleasure of hers that she enjoyed doing to guys.

But if a guy took control it drove her crazy sexually. As much as she loved having the control of a man she also loved being controlled , but the guy had to be strong enough to handle her.

I tied her hands together with her gown cord and held them above her head as I slid my cock in and out of her. I pulled it out and rammed it back in for a few minutes , each time her body would shutter as I would go so deep so fast that my balls would slap against her ass. Aroha began to moan loudly with each inch of my cock pounding her pussy hard.

I began pinching her nipples and pulling on them as I fucked her so hard that I was now almost balls deep in her pussy.

She moans fuck you , you bastard OOOOOO Fuck Me OOOO Fuck me babe and I ram her harder and faster as I hear her saying those words. Her body starts to go into a spasm , as I continue fucking her even more harder.

I now feel her gushing againsting my cock and down onto my balls. Aroha looks at me and says that was one her biggest orgasms she has ever had. I tell her to shut up and gag her with my boxers. I haven't finished with you yet and begin to fuck her pussy nice and deep for about another 10 minutes , before I pull out and slid my cock slowly into her nice tight arsehole. Oh don't you like that I say as Aroha wiggles around to free herself.

I take the gag from her mouth to hear her words of Fuck My Tight Ass Sir , Fuck Me Like A Dirty Slut Sir. You like your ass being fucked don't you Aroha. Yes Sir I do. So I go deep as I possibly can in your beautiful ass , fucking her harder and faster .. mmmmmmmmmmmm ... You have ass cum babe I say to her as I feel a rush of wetness come over my cock.

I take my cock out of her now moist arsehole and guide her head to suck my cock to clean it.

After she has finished clean my cock , I untie her and tell her jump on my cock and ride me till cum hard and deep inside her pussy. Aroha jumps onto my cock and pushes be back as she rides it. Her hips move back and forward in a rocking motion taking my cock up inside her as she does. I can feel myself getting ready to cum hard into her pussy and then my phone rings. I leave the phone and carry on enjoying every minute of Aroha's body swaying over my cock. A minute later and phone rings again. I grab phone and look at number. Oh fuck its the wife . I tell Aroha to be quiet and answer it.

Hello , Hi hun I have finished early , can you come pick me up now the wife says. Yeah sure , I'll be there soon , knowing that our place is 15 minute drive to where she works and Aroha's place is only 5 minutes gives me time to carry on fucking Aroha.

During answering the phone the role of me having control , had now switched to Aroha taking control and she began to ride my cock slowly as I talked to the wife. Aroha now had a huge smile on her face and rolled her hips in a circular motion now , which was driving me crazy. I told the wife I better get going if she wants me there in 15 minutes.

I make sure I hang up the phone and double check before letting out a huge moan of pleasure. Fuck you , you dirty fucken bitch I say to Aroha. Aroha laughs and just says you love it.

Aroha turns to me and tells me to cum inside her now . Cum for me , cum hard and deep inside me babe.

She then lends forward and gets in doggy position , I garb her hips and get into position. I ram my cock deep into her hot wet pussy as I grab her hips so hard pulling her back onto me. I slap her ass as she forces her pussy back and forward onto my cock as I fuck her so hard .. I begin to feel the build up of my cum ready to explode deep into Aroha.

It only take a few more hard deep pumps and I am cumming so hard. Aroha goes yummy babe I can feel you squirting your hot load inside of me. Aroha came almost at the same time for her 6th time .

I say I better get ready to pick wife up and as Aroha lay back on the couch on her back , I just look at her beautiful body.

This turns me on as I am looking at her beautiful curves and I just get on top her in a 69er position and start to eat her pussy as she takes my cock in her mouth tasting herself. I lick her pussy and taste our juices flowing onto my tongue.

We clean each other for 5 minutes before we both feel the urge to fuck again. I fucked her for another 10 minutes before cumming again for a second time.

Aroha grabs me a towel and I have a quick 2 minute shower before I pick wife up.

I thank Aroha for a great day , she thanks me back and I apologize for having to leave so soon.

I get to wives work 10 minutes late and say sorry , but she isn't in the mood for a sorry and is grumpy at me.

We get home and I run hera bubble bath so she can relax. She hops in and I get her a wine well she soaks

Oh thank you she says , as offer to wash her back for her. Next minute I know I am in the bath fucking her and thinking of having a 3 sum with her and Aroha in my head. This of course makes me so turned on and horny I cum at the thought of all 3 of us fucking. But knowing that it will never happen is also a turn on.

The End