Written by Kiwibanga


I had just finished work and the wife was working late .

So I decided to head over to my friend Aroha's place for a catch up and coffee.

We sat and chatted over a cuppa , talking about how our week has been. Then Aroha told me she was going on a date that night and she was nervous as she had only met this guy once. I told her not to be nervous and to go have a shower well I wash up the dishes. As i am washing up , I hear Aroha in the shower and I go to see if she is okay.

She had left the shower door open a little and I knocked to check if everything was alright. She tells me everything is good and that she left the door open so she could talk to me well she was in the shower. I said to her are you sure you didn't leave the door open for me to join you. We both laughed and she said No but you can wash my back please.

I grabbed the scrub and washed her back as I look up & down her body. Oh thank you she says. I ask her again , sure you don't want me to join you as I laughed . Aroha laughs and says no thanks not tonight , but you can pick my clothes out for me to wear tonight.

I knew exactly what to pick out for her , as I knew the kind of clothes she liked to wear out.

My choice was a sleeveless tight black mini dress that showed her curves wonderfully and her thigh high black high heel boots , her sexy purple lingerie that I had brought for her and her black leather jacket.

I lay it out on the bed ready for when she got out of the shower.

When Aroha entered her bedroom to see what I had picked out for her to wear that night , she tells me that that is exactly what she was thinking of wearing , but wasn't sure if too.

She thanked me and said well you do know what I like don't you. I say of course I do , you like to look and feel good when your out.

As I go to leave the room , Aroha tells me to stay and help her get ready. I say okay and watch as she drops the towel to the floor to put on her purple lingerie. I start to feel turned on as I watch her slide her sexy thong on , she then asked me to help her with her bra. So I snap it in place , as I look down over her shoulder to see her beautiful tits and cleavage.

I sit back down and just look in amazement of how good the lingerie looks on her.

Aroha then slips into the dress and hitches it up her body , asking me to zip the back up for her, which jump up to do in a flash. I watch her as she pulls on the boots , as she sits on the bed beside me. Her beautiful body smelt so divine , I pulled her back on the bed and started kissing her as I rubbed my hand between her legs. Aroha goes oh aren't you horny tonight and slowly moves away , not wanting to continue in case she lost control of deining me her body. When Aroha is fully dressed she stands in front of me and says how do I look , I say you look like a million dollars , super sexy & hot , a super model. I tell her the dress looks so good on you , it shows your curves in all the right places and those boots set it off. Your date will be dribbling when he see you tonight.

Aroha then put on her make up in front of the mirror and from where I was seated I could see her front in the mirror. This made me even hornier and when Aroha closed her eyes to do her eye lashes , I stood up and dropped my pants. I was so fucken rock hard by now that I just couldn't sit there and watch her looking so beautiful for another man without having a play.

When Aroha opened her eyes and saw me standing there stroking my cock. She said fuck your super hard tonight aren't you. I said yes I am because of you. She smiled and carried on applying her make up , as i scanned her beautiful tight body up and down. Pre cum started to flow out and I sneaked up behind Aroha. I lifted her dress and rubbed my cock along her thong , wiping my pre cum onto them , Aroha bent over as I was doing this and said your naughty , but your not going to fuck me tonight. I tell her that is okay with me and continue to slowly push myself hard up against her as I hold her hips and kiss the back of her neck. Aroha moans and i could feel her thrusting back at me.

Aroha asks me to stop as it was starting to turn her on too much. She then says please stop please I don't want to have to have another shower and I still haven't finished putting on my make up. So I stopped and sat back on the bed watching her as i stroked myself so hard. Aroha then tells me to cum for her as she turned around to watch me wanking.

She then went and sat on a chair opposite , spreading her legs to reveal her sexy purple thong and how her pussy looked inside them was truly define . Aroha began teasing me and talking dirty to me. Saying to me , you want to fuck this pussy right now don't , your a naughty boy aye , you love the way my body looks in this dress don't you , it turns you on to know I am going to fuck another man tonight in what you have picked out for me to wear doesn't it , you are going to cum for me aren't you , you want me don't you , you want me to ride your hot cock right now don't you , stroke that cock , stroke that lovely looking cock for me , harder harder , faster faster , cum cum baby cum . Yes Yes Yes YES I scream as I shot a massive load across the floor. Fuck yes babe it does turn me on big time to know that. Aroha says to me that is good to know babe.

By the look of all that cum on the floor , you have been waiting to unload that hot load for me all week.

Aroha has a big happy grin on her face as she gets up & walks towards me and bends over to grab my cock to lick the rest of my cum from it. She then says to me thank you for your help , i am not nervous anymore , but am sure as hell am as horny as fuck now thanks to you. I just say your welcome. LOL

We both walk out to our cars together and give each other a big huge hug. At this time I slide my hand up her dress to rub her now moist pussy and whisper in her ear ( Fuck him good & hard for me baby . Like you do to me ) Aroha smiles and goes I will make him lick my thong before he takes them off for me. I look at her to see her evil smile as to know he will be licking my pre cum from them..

A couple of days later when the wife is at work , I ring Aroha and she tells me all about the night. She tells me that she wasn't that much into him , but fucked him because she was too horny to go home and do it herself.

She then adds that all she could think of at the time when she was fucking him was me.

Aroha then asks if would come fuck her today well my wife is at work. I tell her I be there in 5 minutes.

When I get there I find that one of her kids have turned up without any notice. We sit and talk over a coffee , hoping that her kid will leave soon. But it turned out the her kid wanted to stay the night.

So this is to be continued .