I hadn’t realised I had drifted off to sleep, I had no idea what the time was or how long I’d slept, and for a split second I thought I must have been dreaming until I felt BF spooning me with his hard cock aligned against my back – surely it couldn't be possible for him to be ready to go again. I could hear the shower going, which didn’t take a genius to figure it was GF, seeing as she was the absent party. BF asked how I was feeling, to which I responded that I felt great - he quickly corrected me, “No, I mean, are you horny”? Fumbling for words, I managed to spit out, “yea, I guess so” Without a reply from him, his hand cupped my breast then moved on to play with my nipple, as good as it felt, I asked him to stop, at least until I knew that GF was okay with it - as silly as it seemed considering what we had already done, I still felt the need to be sure – he respectfully agreed. While GF finished her shower we talked, I was informed that they were slightly older than I assumed – he was 28 and she was 25. I had already known they had been together since high school, but what I really wanted to know was ‘why and how’ they came about to be so sexually open-minded. He shared that their relationship was everything they wanted, except the sexual side had lost its spark for both of them. After a brief split, they talked about ways they could make their relationship work - this night's episode wasn’t their first and wouldn’t be their last. What I took from his explanation was that they were both happier and stronger than ever. GF returned to the room, standing naked in the door-way, her body perfectly framed and shadowed by the bathroom light behind her. She states that she thought we’d already be fucking. I jokingly thought, if I'd known I wouldn’t have waited. BF starts touching my breasts and nipples again, I close my eyes to feel every sensation run through me, again. His hands are all over me and my hands all over him when he stops to grab a condom, this gives me a chance to glimpse around the room for GF who is casually leaning against the desk watching – I wasn’t sure why it felt strange having her watch as I wasn’t bothered when he did. After covering up, BF gets back into the groove, positioning me on all fours for doggy style. I feel his cock rub against my clit (I could never get enough of it) – if I wasn’t wet before (which wasn’t the case), this would certainly do the trick. He teases his cock at the entry of my vagina, I'm pushing back to take him in but he's not budging, he knows I want it and insists on playing hard to get. On all fours, I feel my legs being spread wider apart and when I looked down I was surprised to see GF was manuvering herself between our legs from under us. Alternating between her fingers and tongue she manipulated my clit, it was swollen and hot, fully exposed from its hood as if to say hello and yes please.

Finally, but taking me by surprise BF thrusts hard and deep, bursting through my pussy (what seemed to have tightened from lack of activity), he then withdraws slowly, again hard and deep, and again withdrawing slowly - every movement feeling like the first, sending my body into an unbelievable shudder as he penetrates my G-spot and just when I thought it couldn't get any better, GF’s tongue gets in sync with his thrusts. He increases his speed while continuing to go deep - I swear I didn't, couldn’t last any more than what seemed a few minutes before my flood gates opened. I now wondered if GF was enjoying the taste of my juices as she had now moved from my clit to tonguing BF’s shaft each time he withdrew from my flooded vagina – it must have pushed him over the edge because it didn’t seem much longer after I'd cum that he let his load go.