I am a builder and was working a Saturday which I hate doing but that's another story. I was busy fixing gib upstairs and heard from the neighboring property the sound of women giggling. Not to be nosy I looked out the slightly ajar bathroom window to see 2 woman sunbathing in bikinis, drinking wine and making a good day of it.

I honestly thought nothing of it and proceeded to do my work. About an hour had past, I was having a bite to eat, a car pulled into the driveway next door and out jumped a third woman who commented on my dog who was sniffing around her legs. (good dog I was thinking) she patted my dog and went inside.

I went back to work listening to the three of them chatting and laughing, I just happened to glance out the window and saw the three of them sprawled out next to the pool touching and playing with each other. I knew the best spot to watch would be from that bathroom. I went into the bathroom and proceeded to watch them touching, licking, enjoying each others bodies and grab my swollen cock as you do.

I wasnt paying attention and fuck it all I knocked over the large ladder which come crashing down and made them all look up and stare in my direction. I pulled up my pants and went back to work slightly embarrassed thinking they may have seen me.

About 5 mins later there was the 3rd woman whom i had spoken to earlier standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up at me. She simply asked me "did you enjoy what you were watching?". I embarrassingly looked at her and said "i dont know what you mean"

She smiled and surely you do and dropped her towel and walked off next door completely naked, as she left she said " i leave that towel for you". thrown back I thought she was saying either come on over and join us or you can use that to wipe up yourself after you cum.

I was looking out the window to see the three of them back into full swing, licking each other in a 3way. She looked up at me smiling and moaning and motioned me with her finger to come. As I arrived in the yard the 3 woman took my shorts off to reveal my erect cock,it was pulsating and the 3 of them proceeded to suck my shaft, licking my balls and biting at my nipples. I was playing in return with breasts galore from one to another. They told me to sit on the sun lounger and continued to suck my member, one of them came and sat directly on my face and was rubbing herself along the length of my tongue , her body quivering with pleasure, i felt my cock getting mounted by one of the other women, i didnt know who and i didnt care.

We changed positions several times, my fav was the 3 of them on hands and knees playing with themselves each begging to be mounted doggy, I pounded each and every one of them as hard and fast as i possibly could.

The highlight for me was when it was time for me to cum i pulled out of one of them and told them i was ready to explode, between the 3 of them they shared each and every drop of my goo and sucked and licked me back to full erection.

I spent at least 2 hours with the 3 women and enjoyed every single moment.