It was a very long flight...Heathrow to Auckland via LA, about 22 hrs in the air and 2 on the ground in LA for a re-fuel.

Economy class in a row of 3 crammed in like sardines, nothing to look forward to until maybe a drink or 2 later. I was sitting in the middle with a middle aged man on the aisle, and I couldnt help notice a rather attactive 30 something lady at the window seat, long brunette hair neatly trimmed she was wearing a long flowing dress with a split to nearly her waist that occassionally opened to reveal long toned legs and a curvacious figure to match.

We exchanged pleasantries and not much else on to LA, maybe the glass of wine mid flight eased the journey.

She was going on to Sydney via Auckland she said, a film producer having just completed some work in london and keen to get home.

We re boarded in LA for the long flight home, pleasently surprised our other passenger had got off, allowing us to have the row to ourselves.

Another glass of wine , and our conversations got more personal, we chatted over dinner and occassionally our shoulders or legs would touch as night fell. Dinner was over and the lights were dimmed for sleep. Blankets were duly opened and i could feel the sexual tension between us. or was it just the 3 glasses of wine...

This could be a big mistake I thought but moved my hand under the blanket and softly placed it on her dress just where i imagined it parted.My heart was beating a million miles a minute when she placed hers ontop of mine then guided it down under her dress....I felt her legs parting as I felt the brush of wet silk on the vack of my hand. I slowly pulled her panties to one side, felt her moan softly as i brushed my fingers up and down her wet lips and caressed her clit , my fingers just rubbing her as she opened her legs further...I couldnt believe this ..a near beautiful stranger yet here i was pleasuring her as she sought out my hardness with her fingers, she slowly unzipped my jeans and belt, her hands freeing me and she started to stroke my all ready hard cock everwhile my fingers now slipping in and out of her wet pussy as she eased her body towards mine.

She was breathing heavy then I knew she was soon going to cum....it was amazing, she was trying not to move too much, but it was dark and as her body roze and fell with each climax I could feel her pussy pulse and tighten as she orgasimed.

She had finished...and was leaning on my shoulder, she softley spoke in my ear..Now its your turn............