Written by wantfwb


I was heading to Napier on Thursday and remembered a great trip I had up there 30 years ago, I had not long had my own business and I did all of the Sales trips as I could not afford a sales person at that stage.

Prior to opening the business I had been the clothing Factory Manager and while there had started an affair with a woman on the staff, her name was Pat her husband Peter knew about us and was happy for us to see each other as he was a closet homosexual.

She left the company and he and she went out of the area for about 5 years so I had no contact with Pat until I called into this small Bakery / Café in Pahiatua and who should be serving at the counter, that's right Pat, and in the back doing the baking was Peter, they had been there about 5 months.

Pat and I sat down for a coffee and Peter came out for a talk, he then suggested that Pat take me back to their place and show me the Corvette that he was rebuilding, he said don't be too long as he would need help in the shop at lunchtime, so that gives you about one & half hours to get reacquainted.

Pat and I went to there house which was only 3 minutes from the Café, she took me to the garage and showed me Petes Corvette that was stripped down ready for painting, then we went upstairs to the Lounge and sat down on the couch and started talking about what she had been up to over the past 5 years she said that Pete still was happy for her to play outside of the bedroom and that she had been with a few guys but nothing on going, she asked about me and I told her I had done very much the same thing several different woman but nothing ongoing, I asked would she like to pick up where we had left off, she said that she certainly would and that she knew Peter would agree with us seeing each other, why did I think he suggested coming here to look at the Corvette.

We started kissing and slowly removing each others clothes, she was still in good shape, and certainly knew how to get me rock hard and ready to fuck, I was sitting on the couch when she stood up and removed the last of her clothes, she then positioned herself with her wet cunt above the head of my cock and then she slowly lowered herself down onto my cock moaning as each inch disappeared inside her cunt until I was completely inside her, she was wet and juicy however still nice and firm as she had not been fucking for ages, she then started lifting up and down riding my cock in deep and then shallow, all the time moaning and saying how she loved my cock in her cunt, after a few minutes I suggested we change positions, so I had her lean over the arm of the couch and I entered her doggy fashion from behind, driving my cock deep and hard into her cunt, she was screaming for me to fuck her harder and faster and to fill her cunt with my cum, I drove in and out of her cunt for what seemed ages before I felt myself starting to ejaculate shooting my cum inside her cunt while squeezing her tits hard making her scream in pain and ecstasy.

When we finished fucking we went and had a shower together, during which she sucked my cock until it was hard again and I finger fucked her cunt and arsehole, when my cock was nice and hard she asked me to anal fuck her as no other guy had done that since the last time we did it, I bent her over in the shower and slipped my cock inside her arse and fucked her anally until we both orgasmed, then we finished washing and got dressed, I then took her back to the Café, Peter looked at us when we arrived and just said, did you guys have a good time???

Three weeks later I was heading to Napier for a sales trip staying 2 nights, I rang Pat and asked would she like to come with me, she said she would however she needed to check with Peter and get a girl into cover at the Café, she rang back the next day to say it was all organized, so I said I would pick her up at 10 o'clock on the Tuesday, when I arrived Peter came from the back of the shop and said that he was pleased that Pat was coming away with me and that she had been quite excited about it since the trip was arranged.

Pat and I headed off, she had on a light summer dress buttoned right down the front, It was February and very hot,my car didn't have air conditioning so was hotter still, once we were on the way Pat seemed to relax and settled back in her seat laying it slightly back. She then spread her legs apart so that the air from the fan could cool her better, she said to me that she had been wet ever since she got up this morning thinking about us spending 2 nights fucking our brains out.

After we left Dannevirke I saw that she had unbuttoned several of the buttons on the dress both at the top and the bottom I could see her bra and the nipples of her tits which looked hard, I could feel my cock starting to get slightly erect,

We reached the turn off for highway 50 which was the back road through to Napier, this road had very little traffic on it 30 years ago, after about 10km I saw Pats hand slide up under her dress and saw her move, then I knew that she had slipped her fingers inside her cunt and was finger fucking herself while I was driving, after a few minutes she was quietly moaning and then she took her fingers out and held them out for me to suck, she tasted all sweet and sour like a lovely cunt always does, she then undid my trousers and extracted my cock which was now very hard, she then started stroking it up and down, she then put her fingers back inside her cunt and got them nice and wet and then used that to lubricate my cock while she stroked it, she then said to me I cant wait until we get to Napier I want you to fuck me now.

Just north of Onga Onga there is a small river with an parking area to one side, we were just approaching that area when she said she wanted to be fucked, so I pulled into the area, in behind some large bushes out of site of the road, I reached across and slipped 2 fingers inside her cunt and started pounding her cunt with my fingers, she started to orgasam after about 3 minutes and she just exploded with juices all over my hand, I then said come on lets get some space, so we got out of the car, I took her to the bonnet and made her sit on the bonnet with her legs spread apart so that I could get down and eat her pussy, it was so wet that my tongue slipped inside her as I was licking up and down, as I licked her cunt and tongue fucked her I slipped 2 fingers inside her anus, that started her cuming again and she grabbed my head and held it hard against her cunt as she flooded my face with her juices.

I then got her off the bonnet and made her turn around and lay face down on the bonnet, then I wiped the head of my cock up and down her wet cunt before pushing it deep inside her and then I started fucking her cunt hard and fast, she was screaming for me to go deeper and harder, she said fuck me hard and fast like no other guy has, she then starts telling me that my cock is bigger and harder than any of the other guys that fucked her, she starts telling me that she had 3 guys in one night fill her cunt with cum and still did not orgasm, this is making me harder and horny as hell then I start to cum inside her cunt, screaming at her that she is my slut and fucking whore and that no other cock should be inside her cunt other than mine, she then starts orgasming and cums over and over . We both then collapse onto the ground totally fucked, there is cum and cunt juices all over her dress and on the bonnet of the car, we finally recover and strip off and go skinny dipping.

Needless to say the 2 nights in Napier were a total fuck fiest, I do not know how many times I fucked her cunt or arse and how many times we both ended up cuming.

The reason I am righting this is that last week I drove that same trip again, however this time by myself and when I passed the river and parking area the memories came back.

Pat and I continued our affair for a further 10 years, with Peters support, we had many trips away around the north island and many an enjoyable fuck session.

Cheers Brian