Written by test_the_waters


Part Two.

We arrive at the location it is dark but we drive around the area just to see what is what and park about 200m away. My lovely wife stepped out from the car wearing the solid high cupped boots and a long dark coat that came down to her knees. Underneath she had a sheer see thru bra and a pair of black knickers with slight frill on the outside.

You could hear her boots connect with the pavement as we walked into the park. In the park was a man sitting on a bench seat we walked past him and towards a building. Near that building was a man smoking and we went past him and behind the building itself into some light growth of trees. There we started to kiss very passionately and I could feel the smears of her lipstick over my face and we fondled each other and groped each other. She went down and sucked my cock for a good few minutes.

It was time to test our name and purpose and really test the waters. So we stepped out from the shadows of the building and repeated the kissing and fondling in full view of both men able to see. It was good moonlight and enough to feel erotic and voyeristic but not bright enough to feel vulnerable. "Take my coat off let them see me" she said and at the same time I placed a blindfold over her eyes and her coat slipped down to the ground. I went down to lick around inside her thighs and up to her hips and breasts and pulled her tits out from the sheer bra to give them some good attention and those nipples went granite hard within moments!

The two strangers had their cocks out and were masturbating themselves just content to sit back and watch but they were straining their necks to get a good look. I then turned my foxy redhead wife around so she was facing the building with her arms out-stretched high and penetrated her pussy and fucked her. Because she is tall and slim she looked amazing in the hazy light and these two men were by now wanking hard. We whispered to each other to go back behind the building and if these two men decided to follow we knew they would get a real treat to see. I put her on the blanket and licked her out, then fucked her missionary for a bit and a shadow behind me made me aware someone was there but still staying about 3-4 meters away. He had out a smallish cock looked our way for maybe 1-2min and then must have cum as he zipped up and left. My wife still blindfolded and so wet with my licking and fucking was in heaven.

"Take my blindfold off darling I want to see" she said and so I did. "Is there anyone here and do they want to cum over me". But there did not appear to be so we placed her coat on and wandered out and there was no one around so we went to a benchseat and made out with the coat open for the world to see her still in the sheer bra and knickers. A man approached and walked past us, then walked past us again and said "I know the rules". This was a code word we had asked doggers to say in response to an Ad we had placed on KWS.

"Follow us" I said to the man and we headed to the back of the building. There my wet and hot as wife stripped off her coat and said to the complete stranger "do you want to touch me, touch me if you want" and he started to fondle her tits and shoulders. He was about 5'11 tall solid but not old or overweight and he had a cap on and maybe a beard but was hard to tell. He pulled out his cock and it was clean shaven that much I could tell and started to play with himself as he fondled my wife's pale skin and pert tits with the other hand.

My wife went down on her knees and sucked me off and the stranger went down on his knees and asked "can I touch her" clearly indicating her pussy and by this stage her knickers were off and stuffed in my pocket. "Yes he can" said the fox. And so this stranger got really into playing with my wifes pussy and she certainly seemed to be enjoying it, as she softly moaned and rolled her body and I kept checking that he was pleasuring and not being to rough. On a couple of occasions he would sit slightly up and my wife would stroke his cock and then he would go back to fondling her pussy and he was so committed he would even stop his wanking so he could get both hands attending to her pussy and even slightly fingering her but not too deep.

"I want to see you two dogging" he asked and so we did.

It was really getting into some great hot dogging territory now and my wife got down on all fours and said "I want to be fucked" and so I did and after a few minutes she said "now my arse darling fuck my arse" and so I did while this stranger groped her swinging tits and stroked her back a little.

Again if it is still sounding good on feedback will do the final part in the coming week.