Written by test_the_waters


Part 3

After several minutes we switched and foxy wife lay down on her back and encouraged me in soft whispers to pump her hard. Meanwhile our friend groped her pert tips and licked a nipple. It only took a few minutes and the sexual arousal for us all was wow! Foxy wife was on her knees and letting both me and the stranger slap her tits firmly but gently with our cocks and egging us on “do you want to blow your load on me... well come on do it....you know I want it”. And would grab under the balls of our stranger and gently lube and milk his cock with her smooth hands. It was getting hot now and I sensed our stranger was getting close so his soft moans made me grab my camera and as he blew his load over her tits I grabbed some great photos and after he came foxy wife stroked his spent cock over her tits and made sure he had a couple of firm jerks and every ounce was spent. He thanks us and commented how good it had been and disappeared into the darkness. My wife asked if she had turned me on and done a good job. “Hell yeah you looked amazing and you did a great job my darling” and wow it had been something. “Now let’s go home and I want to play with you some more and fuck your arse and cum over you...” So we folded up the blanket, and headed back to our car with my wifes tall figure and her boots thumping on the pavement and as we walked we talked about what had just gone down. We drove home and the 50km/h limit was completely fucking ignored by me and into the house and .....well... yes you guessed it after a quick clean up she was on our bed on all fours and BOOM-Ya arse fucked with abandon until I was ready to cum and when I did I pulled out so I could add my cum to her tits. That was Dogging session 1 done! And do you know what we have just done Session 2 and we had x3 guys and it went to a new level.........mmm yes.