Written by test_the_waters


We had talked about it and I was blown away when my gorgeous red-head wife wanted to give the fantasy of dogging a go. To help you all imagine how she looks, we are talking a very athletic, tall and pale skinned red-head who takes immaculate care of her self and with or without makeup is a knock out. She rarely rates herself and lacks confidence but often gets stares from admirers and her figure is so stunning and her dress sense elegant and sexy you have to notice. Her breasts are smaller but very cup-able and ultra-lickable and I would describe them as only just can I fit one in my mouth and ample for my turn on needs.

This is 100% true and happened in March 2013. To get ready for the night I had licked her out the night before, made her cum over my face as I worked her pussy gently but thoroughly. I followed this up by slowly fucking her from behind for a while until I heard the magic words I love "darling would you like to fuck my ass". So I lubed up her ass and slowly entered her from behind. As I fucked her we talked dirty to one another about what tomorrow night with bring. Strangers, public, dark night and risk. Would they want her she wondered? Would her body turn them on, she wondered aloud? Would they want to cum over tits because that is what she wanted. We continued our dirty talk and I reassured her that by God her body and sluttiness would be a massive turnon and I came up her ass and then she sucked my cock clean,

The night came and I got back from work late about 7p.m. She was trying on different lingerie outfits seeking my views and practising how she would look in the night and then donned some make-up. She chose a black see thr bra lacey of course and a matching set of panties (see our profile pictures and you will be able to see). She then put on a long coat and some long boots not with heels but solid heels. She looked so dirty but so lovely, my cock was getting hard. Before we left fot our chosen dogging location we went online and looked at some dogging photos in a compilation on a porn site. We looked at multiple shots of strangers taking on women who welcomed the cocks, the attention and looking so needing the attention of strangers pleasing them. My lovely wife looking at this said "oh look some of them are sucking those strangers cocks... I don;t know if I can do that" and also "holy shit they are being fucked by strangers I don;t know if I can do that YET". I licked her pussy a bit and asked her to start talking dirty about our gangbang fantasy.

"Tell me darling what would you do with 2 strangers in a room if you could have 2 fellas take care of you with me there...tell me". She went on to get wet as I licked her pussy and told me "what do you want me to do?" So between licks of her pussy I outlined that I wanted her to be used by my cock and those strangers and to turn them on and make it a filthy night of harmless fun.

"I want to take those two strange mens cocks and slap them against my face...I want to have their hands over my body, I want them to slip their fingers into my pussy and sit n their faces...I want them to suck my tits, one tit in each mouth...while they are doing this I want you to take pictures and shove your cock down my throat". Then what I asked.

"Then I want to lie on the floor and feel them feel my body all over and again have your hands and their hands feel my feet, my legs, my hips and slide their hands across my breasts and finish off at the back of my neck....then all your 3 cocks rubbing across my back and across my face and down my body...then slap those cocks against my arse cheeks and pussy".

"Now darling" I say "these men are super turned on as am I it is now time to start giving those cocks some deep needed attention...tell me what you will do next".

"Well I cannot kiss them on the lips as that is something that is for you and me and I am not sure if I want to deep throat their cocks or suck them off as that is somethign I feel I should be doing just with you and definitely not being ass-fucked by anyone but you...but they can rub their cocks across my lips, and lick my pussy and I want one of them to put on a condom and start fucking my pussy my I suck you and then I want to be double penetrated with you in my ass".

I love hearing all of that I tell my wife and what if I tell you I want you to suck their cocks. "Then I will" she says. What if I ask you to let them finger your ass? "Then they can" she says. I am getting very turned on at this point. What if I step away from ass fucking you and one of our new stranger friends in your pissy starts sucking your tits while you straddle him and the 2nd stranger asks if he can ass fuck you just for a little bit, can he? "Yes of course" she says.

And then darling you are made air tight with a stranger cock down your throat and one each on your pussy and ass can we all alternate and get to eperience it all? "Fuck yeah

she says.

Where are we cuming on you? "On my face and my tits and then I will rub it across my tits and chin".

Ok now we were ready off for dogging. We closed her coat, her pussy wet with excitement my cock needing some attention soon and we headed off for our location........

Part One Ends...if you all like it especially couples would love to know and will consider posting a part two. Again this all happened for real just 2 weeks ago!