Written by fitcouple_2


The wife and I recently had a few days away together without the kids hoping to spend a bit of time getting to know each other again sexually. We had booked a house at the beach and upon our arrival we went to the local supermarket to grab some supplies. While we were shopping the wife picked a box of 12 condoms and some durex lube and put them in the basket. She must have seen the look of surprise on my face, as having been married a long time we haven't needed protection. She just smiled and said she had a surprise for me and to wait and see. I think I got a hard-on right there. Once we arrived at the house and had a look around, we unpacked and had a few drinks and started to fool around, the wife was pretty horny as was I so we ended up in bed before dinner. Nothing special just a great session of hard out fucking. Mrs is a pretty good looking women, tall with long legs and long dark hair and still in great shape having had three children. We showered and got dressed then decided to go to the local pub for dinner and a few drinks. Dinner was good we ate and drank, the pub was reasonably busy with families and couples and groups of guys watching the big screen TV. A few hours went by and Mrs was getting a little tipsy having had a few, I was driving so had only a couple of beers. She was relaxed and enjoying herself when we struck up a conversation with a couple of guys at a nearby table. They were both younger than us, early thirties, One was fair, tall about 6'2" and athletic, the other was dark haired shorter about 5'9" and similiar build. They were both hard cases and we had a great eveing joking a laughing. The taller guys was flirting with wife in a nice casual way and she was returning the attention, all pretty harmless it seemed. About 11pm we decided to call it a night and the guys we meet made plans to head off as did we. The shorter one lived close and was walking home the taller guy who had eyes for the mrs lived a few streets from where we were staying, so we offered him a ride as he had had a few drinks. Along the way he said he would walk from our place as it's not far, so stop at the house and we is about to head off when the mrs asks if he would like a drink before he goes. Sure he replies so we headed inside and I poor a drink for everyone. and we continue chatting and the flirting carries on. I head off to the toilet and return to find the wife and Matt engaged in a deep passionate kiss. They don't see me so I leave and then make a bit of noise and re-enter the room, this time they are just talking as if nothing had happened. I'm quite turned on and have always wanted to see her being serviced by another guys, we had talked about but she was never keen. Matt excused himself to the toilet so I asked the wife if she thought Matt was HOT. She surprised me with her answer. "Yes he is and if you let me I want to fuck him" Are you sure I said and she replied "Yes please" Ok, but I will be there to watch I told her. Sure but I don't want you both at once, you can have another turn later. Matt came back into the room and we carried on talking and joking for a while. The the wife went over to Matt and took him by the hand and lead him off to the upstairs bedroom, he looked at me and I just smiled as if so say go for it. I waited in the lounge for about 10 minutes, enough time to let them get through the awkward moments. When I went into the bedroom, they were both naked on the bed, kissing and running their hands over each others bodies. Matt was well hung, his cock was hard and about 7" and reasonably thick with it. I sat down on the sofa and watched. What a turn on. They cuddled and kissed and fondled each other for quite awhile before Matt started to kiss his way down to her waiting wet pussy. He lapped at her for sometime, enough to bring her to orgasm twice. He moved back up and kissed her deeply so she could taste her own juices. Then it was her turn she worked her way down to his cock and took it in her mouth. She has never been that keen on giving me a BJ before, but was happy to suck Matt's cock and did so in an expert manner, I thought he would have come but he seemed to be able to last. Her arse was up in the air so I leant over and ran my hand over it. She reached back and pushed it away and carried on sucking his cock. Then she rolled over beside him and started stroking his cock with her hand and asking him to fuck her with it. He happliy agreed and climbed on top of her, he lifted her legs over her shoulders and started to ease his cock into her wet pussy, I wanted to remind her to put a condom on him as they were sitting right next to the bed, but she was focused on him and she let out a deep lustful moan as he slid all the way into her. Matt started to slowly fuck her, slow deep thrusts, with which she would moan everytime. This went on for a few minutes before Matt pulled out and lay next to her. She swung her leg over him and sat up, then she reached around and guided his cock into her pussy. She sat straight up so she could feel him deep inside her, then she rode him, while he played with her tits and she moaned and I knew she was going to come again soon as her action got quicker and quicker, she let out an scream and climaxed. She lent forward and kissed him again and whispered now I want you to fill me with your cum. Matt lifted her off and put her in to a doggy style position before getting behind her and feeding his cock back into her waiting pussy. He was standing on the floor next to the bed and she was on all fours on the bed. He grabbed her by the hips and started to fuck her, it got harder and harder, he was really pounding her and she was getting close to coming again, and so was he, she let out another earth moving moan and he followed with a deep thrust and held it deep inside her as he let go, she must have felt it as she let out another husky mmmmmmm. Matt bucked a few times before he was completely spent. He pulled out of her and I could see both his come and my wifes juices over his cock. They headed off to the shower and I went back down stairs expecting them to down soon. It was after 1pm by now and I lay on the couch and fell asleep. I woke about 6.00am and remembering what had happened went to the bedroom. My wife was still in bed with Matt, neither looked like they had been to sleep.