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27 Sep 2012

17 Year Wait - Her side of the story


6 minute read

This is my side of the story. I have been married for nearly sixteen and been with my husband for nearly 18 years in total. In that time I have never been with another man, I could have as the opportunity had come along now and then. I have had fantasies of being with someone else but our sex life is pretty damn good so have never taken things further as I didn't feel the need to. I know my man has fantasies of seeing me with another man, but I have always brush them off as not going to happen. He has always wanted to take me anal aswell but that is something I'm not that keen on, anyway as we were going to be away and that I have read the shades of gray books and have found a new gear sexually, I thought we might try it from the rear so while shopping I grabbed some condoms and lube, much to his surprise. If you have read his story you know what happened. After we had been for dinner and had a few drinks I was going to suggest he take be from behind using the lube and a condom. Things din't quite work out that way. I had had a few drinks to relax when we started talking to the two guys, I was already pretty hot from our pre dinner session and knowing what I was going to let him do to me later. Matt and his friend were nice guys easy to get on with and a lot of fun. I was attracted to Matt from the moment he started flirting with me, which was just about straight away. As night got later and we had drank a bit more we both became more confident and when my man had gone to the loo Matt whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me as he thought I was sexy. He said he would follow me to the loo next time I went a fuck me there. Now I was horny as and seriously thought about it, but decided I was a little to shy for that, so said no. God I hope I wouldn't regret that I thought. We ended up taking Matt home as he lived near where we were staying, once we arrived at our house I asked Matt in for a drink as i didn't want him to go as he really turned me on and I was feeling pretty good with the extra attention. After awhile at the house Mr went off to the toilet and instantly Matt grabbed me a kissed me, what a turn on, this guys is athletic, confident and very cute. When Mr came back into the room I tried to pretend we were just talking hoping he hadn't seen me kissing this starnger we had only just meet. Matt went off to the loo and Mr asked me if I fancied Matt. What was I to say? I was a little tipsy so just blurted out yes and that I wouldn't fucking him. He said if I wanted to, to go for it. Nervous as hell now not sure if I should or not, Matt came back into the room so I took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. Mr didn't follow, so I asked Matt if he still wanted to fuck me, to which he replied with another deep kiss. Before I knew it Matt had me naked and on the bed. He undressed and joined me. I was so hot and just wanted him to enter me a fuck me hard there and then, but he told me to slow down and enjoy it, so we kissed and ran our hands over each other's bodies. Matt was firm with a very manly chest and a nice cock. A little thicker than my husbands but about the same length. Mr came into the room and sat on the sofa beside the bed. My heart was racing, but I soon forgot about him sitting there as Matt took control and I lost myself with him. He tasted my juices and made me cum just about instantly with his tongue. Then I returned the favour before he lay me down on the bed and lifted himself on top of me. He put my legs over his shoulders and slowly entered me with his cock. I had forgotton about Mr sitting watching us and I forgot completely about getting Matt to wear a condom. The feeling of another cock for the first time in years was unbelievable, I came again within seconds of Matt filling me with his cock. He fucked me slowly and controlled until I told him I just wanted him to pound me as hard as he could. He got off, much to my resistance, but then turned me over onto all fours before getting behind me and fucking me doggy style. He grabbed my hips and pounded into me, it was way to much and I came quickly, then I felt Matt getting close, he rammed all the way home before filling my pussy with what seemed like a cup full of cum. He withdrew and we kissed. It was then that I remembered my husband was there watching, feeling nervous and slightly ashamed I looked at him, he just smiled and suggested we shower. Once in the shower Matt and I kissed and washed each other from top to toe, he entered me again from behind, this time he didn't come he just fucked me for what seemed like ages. We eventually got out to find Mr asleep on the couch in the lounge, I'm not even sure how long we were in the shower, maybe an hour? Matt said he should go, but I asked if he would come back to bed, it didn't take long to convince him. Once in bed we explored each others bodied as if we teenagers again doing it for the first time. I knew it Matt that I wanted to fuck my arse, so I asked him if he wanted to, thankfully he was keen. He knew I was a rear end virgin so he used heaps of the lube with his finger at first then eventually his cock. It took me awhile to relax and enjoy it, but Matt was patient and it wasn't that long before he was pounding my arse while I was fingering my pussy. I came twice before Matt filled the condom with another load. The sun was coming up when we got out of the shower for the second time. We hoped back into bed and cuddled, then Mr walked back into the room. Matt said he should really go so he got dressed thanks us for a wonderful night, kissed me agian and left. My husband showered and got into bed with me. We talked and I told him what a great night I had, thanked him and told him I loved him. We cuddled and fell asleep.

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