Written by friends_or_more


The Project

It was a Saturday and I was working. I work in a small cubical.
Bonus and promotion season was rolling around so I decided to take on the
It was 7:00 pm and I was still working in Conference Room B on the third floor.
Luckily my direct superior, Pam, was working with me.
We were both 26 years old, but she got a promotion last year.
I didn't know her well, but she was quite an attractive blonde.
She is not very chesty so to speak, but she does play basketball and keeps a
slim athletic look.
I caught myself fantasizing about her occasionally when I was supposed to be
We were both at our laptops working on improving the overall presentation of the
We chatted for a bit here and there about this and that.
Pam accidentally spilled some of her coffee on the floor.
She told me not to bother and went to go get some paper towels.
I stared at her as left. Thankfully it was summer.
Since it was a Saturday, she was wearing a white skirt to her knees and a yellow
tank top.
I was fairly comfortable in my sweat pants and tee shirt.
Anyways, just staring at her kind of made me hard so I returned to my work.
Pam came back with the towels and started cleaning up and I stared at her ass as
she bent down.
My dick got harder so I returned my focus to my computer.
Pam was finishing cleaning up and I guess she looked up and saw me.
My sweats didn't protect my hard cock and the briefs I was wearing didn't help.
Pam said, "Are you horny Toni (that's me)?"
My cock was beating against my pants.
She said laughing," I can see you're getting a little excited there."
I was beginning to feel embarrassed until what happened next.
Pam stayed there on the floor and reached into my pants to feel my penis.
She said,"Hm mm, it's bigger than what I've felt before.'
I was thinking holly crap, what's going on, and yeah go 6 inches.
I finally decided to act.
I said," Aren't you quite horny Pam."
I went down to the floor with her and whispered into her ear with her hand still
stroking my cock.
"You must be getting a little wet" I nibbled on her ear.
I can see it. You're beginning to blush, you're breasts are firming up and
you want me right here and now don't chat?"
She didn't reply.
I used my hands to caress her body from her shoulders to her ankles.
I could she that she was really horny now.
I kissed her passionately as I slid one hand up her skirt.
It was wet and it drove me wild.
Before I know she is stripping me down and I'm doing the same to her.
Her nipples are hard and I caress them them.
I slide my dick beside her neatly trimmed pussy and she shivers in excitement.
She calls out,"Oh Bob, You're right, I'm horny, give it to me."
I thrust into her over and and over as she convulses to meet each thrust.
She moans and screams as I fuck her.
We grind against each other. The friction between our two warm bodies was
She climaxes just when I did and I fall on to her.
We stayed up at the office until midnight "working" on the project.