Written by Friskies


Three wishes part two

As I told in the previous story I granted the love of my life three wishes. And she had only one fulfilled so far. And while we were chatting one Saturday

evening she asked me if I can remember that I promised her a while back three wishes. And how could I forget a night like the one we had back then. We had amazing sex and she was so satisfied afterwards that I was always waiting to hear from her what her next wish would be. Yes, I was hoping that the next wish would include great sex again.

And oh boy she didn’t disappoint me. But she never did in all our life together. The moment she said she had another wish a lot of different scenarios, all involving sex went through my head. This alone made me so horny and I knew that that was her intention. She knew that in my state of mind I would agree to anything she asks for and that I would not questioning it at all.

“I want to find a guy on our favorite swinger site for a hot MMF night. I choose, and we invite him to our house. It will be my only decision who it will be and the moment he steps through our front door you have to do whatever I ask you to do.” You are not allowed to refuse nor to expect me to explain my decisions.”

Trusting her implicitly I agreed to whatever is to come. Knowing that we both will have a fantastic night. Anticipating it would take her quite some time to find the right candidate I prepared myself mentally for some time to go by before it would happen. But I was in for a big surprise.

The moment she had me agreeing to her terms she took her phone and sent a text message. Now I knew she had it all planed and was only waiting for the right time. After sending her text she instructed me to have a shower because we will get a visitor soon.

Coming out of the shower she gave me brand-new underpants to wear. It was low cut, tight fitting with lots of see through mesh. It looked very sexy and you could clearly see me bulge growing, and her face showed me she loved that view. And that was all she wanted me to wear. Dressed in my new underpants she made me sit in the lounge.

“So, you don’t play with yourself while I shower and get dressed I use will handcuff you and blindfold you too.”

Sitting there, not able to do anything except thinking of sex and waiting for whatever to come hearing her shower and then get dressed I got hornier by the minute. All I knew now was that she wanted to play out one of her fantasies were she has a dominant role and forces me in a submissive position.

After what felt like ages I could hear our door bell. I could hear her greeting someone and both came into the lounge. She made me stand up and introduced the stranger to me.

Standing blind folded and handcuffed only in underpants with a semi hard on I felt a bit uncomfortable. Gently squeezing my cock with her hand, she said.

“Have a look at this nice tool.” He agreed with a voice that sounded very excited and asked her to check out his cock too.

“You are very well equipped “was all she said.

“Get naked so I can see what pleasures await me tonight” . I could hear him removing hastily his clothes and when he was finished my dominant wife said: “wow”

Knowing her preference for big cocks I assumed he had a big cock. But I couldn’t indulge this thought any further because of what she said next. And that came as a total surprise to me. My own thoughts went towards hearing them fucking each other while all I could do was sitting on the couch wanting nothing more than to fuck her wet pussy and shoot my load over her face.

“Darling on your knees, open your mouth and suck his cock until he is hard.”

I obliged and feeling a cock entering my mouth was a sensation I never felt before. He pushed his semi hard cock slowly into my mouth and then started trusting it in and out. I could feel him growing and getting harder, and it was a big cock, stretching my mouth and making me gag.

When he was hard as ever he pulled out of my mouth and then I could hear here sucking his tool.

He was groaning loader and then I heard him saying.

“I want to fuck you now.”

She made me lie on the floor and went on all four above me. Pushing her hard nipples one by one into my mouth he was able to fuck her doggystyle. I could hear her moan in pleasure when his massive cock entered her wet dripping pussy. And he was pounding her hard and deep, something I could feel by the way her boobs were slapping my face.

She then moved higher up and made me eat her pussy. And was she wet, just the way I love it, while I was eating her pussy, licking her clit he was still fucking her. Whenever he was pushing his cock in extra deep his balls were slapping against my chin.

Her breathing grew faster and faster and when she said” fuck me, shoot your load into my wet pussy” I knew she was close to coming. And then she came, screaming out loud and squirting a huge load directly into my mouth and over my face. He shot a huge load into her pussy and the cum was immediately flowing out, dripping into my mouth and mixing with her sweet juice.

When he pulled his cock out of her pussy she made me lick his cock clean and then lick out her pussy too. By now my face was covered in loads of cum and pussy juice. That was such a turn on for her that she started to kiss me, her tongue deep inside me to get a share of the juices. That’s when she said that I served her very well and deserve a reward. And remember I was still wearing the blindfold, handcuffs and my underpants.

She slipped a hand into my underpants and got a firmly hold of my hard-throbbing cock. After pulling my pants down I could feel soft lips around my cock slowly gliding deeper and deeper into a mouth.

After a few more seconds she withdraws from my cock and while pulling my undies up again she said: darling you must wait because I need to give all my attention to another hard cock. But you can watch and feel now.” Removing the cuffs and blindfold I could see now what she was enjoying. He had a massive cock with thick veins.

She climbed on top of him and with a load moan pushed herself down to take all his more than 8inches deep inside her. She was trusting fast up and down and by her increasing movements I could imagine that she was close to another climax.

She made me lick her arse and when I was pushing my tongue inside her I could feel her muscle contracting as she came again.

She withdrew immediately lying on her back and telling him to kneel over her to give her a facial.

He obliged and after a few seconds shot another huge load all over her boobs. When he was finished shooting his hot cum over he she gave me the order to pull out my cock and ad my cum to it. By now I was so horny that after only a few strokes I started shooting stream after stream of hot cum over her boobs.

She then made the two of us to lick her boobs clean .Complimenting the both of us for our performance she said that “ next time you two can fuck me at the same time “


……..to be continued