Written by PETE&LIZZY


We are going to a wedding so we had booked a room in the Hotel and planed on staying there the night so that we didn't have to drive.

You had told me during dinner that you were getting drunk and couldn't wait to go back to the room. We couldn't leave yet as the night was still young so I tell you to meet me down the hall way. I leave first and then you follow. As we get to the end of the hall way I lead you into the fire exit stair way. I pull you close and start kissing you, you put your arms around me and pull yourself against my body pushing you pussy up against my thigh. I squeeze your bum and then run my hand up your leg and under your dress. As my fingers get closer to your pussy you pull your g string aside letting me glide my finger gently across the entrance of your pussy.

You're already wet and my finger slides inside you. You moan in my ear as it feels so good to have me fingering you. I push you against the wall and slide another finger in and start to move them in and out of you.


 You're getting wetter as I start telling you how I've been thinking of fucking you all afternoon. We here the bang of a closing door a couple of levels up. We quickly stop what we are doing and adjust ourselves and make our way back to the hall way. You whisper to me that you want to go back to the room and fuck in front of the mirror. Just then a member of the wedding party comes out of the dinning room and mentions that it's time for the first dance. We look at each other and unfortunately know that we will have to wait until later before we can feel our naked skin against each other. As the first dance is getting underway I offer to get us a drink. I head over to the bar while you watch. While you're waiting I'm being served the drinks by a waitress who is quite attractive. She leans forward and asks if "we were having a good time." She then mentions how your dress is beautiful and that you also look stunning." I agree and smile as I take our drinks and make my way back to you. As I hand you your drink I looked back to see her still looking in our direction. It is time for the second dance so we all get up and join the Bride and Groom on the dance floor. After a couple of dances you mention that you need to go to the bath room so I hang out at our table. As you walke to the door the Waitress who was clearing a table, stops you and asks you about your dress. While chatting she mentions that you look beautiful and what a good looking couple we are. You continue to make your way to the bath room but on the way back you stop again to talk to the waitress. I come over and you introduce me. It's getting on in the evening and people are starting to leave. The waitress mentions that "the bar is now closed, but she could grab us another drink if we wanted". While she is getting us a drink you kiss me and say that you also think that I'm handsome. You mention that the waitress had commented on me and that you were just agreeing with her. A minute later she comes back with a bottle of wine in an ice bucket and three glasses. You had told her that we were staying the night and she asked if she could join us for a late night drink.

As we enter our room I put the wine on the mini bar and look for a bottle opener. As the two of you sit on the couch the waitress mentioned that she had been on her break and had seen us in the stair case earlier that night. We both blushed and comment that we couldn't help ourselves. She admits that she was actually watching us and was extremely turned on. As I poor the wine into her glass she also admits that she was hoping to see us fuck but she had to get back to the bar. You say "We were interrupted but I really wanted to be fuck right there too."

She laughs and says "I was hoping that I was going to get you drunk enough to watch you tonight".

"We don't have to be too drunk" You say as you grab my tie and pull me to your lips and start to kiss me. She sits back into her chair and sips her wine as you start to undo my pants. You then kneel down in front of me and start pulling down my pants as I undo the buttons on my shirt. I'm sitting on the couch and you're kneeling between my legs caressing my cock in your hand. You take a sip of your wine and then put my cock in your mouth. The waitress changes seats and comes and sits beside me on the couch so she can watch you moving your mouth up and down my cock. She has also slipped off her pants so that she can run her finger over her clit while watching. You look up to see her slide a finger into her pussy.


 This turns you on even more and you can feel yourself get wetter and wetter. I grab your hand and guide you to sit on the couch beside the waitress. I kneel in front of you and pull down your G string as you undo your dress and I pull that off too. I then run both my hands up the inside of your legs and pull them apart. You feel another had run over the top of your pussy and then start rubbing your clit. The waitress gently continues to touch herself as well as you. I insert my fingers in and out of your pussy and she asks "Could you do that to me as well". So I run my other hand up to her pussy and slide my fingers into her as well. She moans as I push my fingers deeper into her.


 While I'm fingering the two of you she comments "I can't wait to watch you fuck" I stop and then stand over you so that I can insert my cock into your pussy. I put one hand on the back of the couch and slowly start to fuck you while she rubs your clit. As my cocks going in and out of you I tell you how nice her pussy felt, so you run your fingers up and down over her pussy and then push your fingers in and out of her while she sits beside you. After fucking you for awhile you take my cock out of you and guide me over to her. You rub it over her clit and up and down her pussy then finally you guide it inside her. She starts saying "Oh my god" as I push myself inside her. You start masturbating because you know that I love watching you touch yourself and because you are so turned on watching my cock going in and out of her pussy and hearing her enjoy it. She is rubbing her clit with one hand and then touching you with the other. You can feel that she's getting close to coming as she starts to rub you and herself faster. You slide your fingers down over her pussy to feel my cock going in and out and to rub around her wet lips. This causes her to tense up and start coming. I pull my cock out of her. as we watch her come and see it trickle down out over her bum. You pull me over and say that you want to feel me come inside you. I slide my cock into you and start fucking you harder than before. The waitress is watching as I'm pushing my cock in and out of you and as I start to come you can fell it squirting inside you……