Written by Nativeguy73


My wife and I went for a trip back to her childhood camp ground. She had grown up there until her mid 20s every summer. When we arrived she introduced me to other people and families that holiday there every summer. This included her which I found out much later her first love.

Several days passed and we did what people do on holidays swam, fished but on one evening while returning from fishing I had a weird feeling like she was using every chance to do our seperate things. So I casually walked past her first loves campsite. While walking through trees I heard voices in the sand dunes so carefully approached and over the brow I saw my wife blowing this guy on his back... I froze. I would have thought I would be in a jealous rage however I just sat down in shock and watched my wife run her lips down this guys throbbing cock. I am certainly no saint and have flirted and even dabbed in some extra activities but to actually sit frozen watching my wife gobble his cock was confronting, however only for a split second until I realised I was rock hard watching her. She mounted him as soon as I realised I was turned and she thrusted on him until he had obviously came inside her. She kissed him slowly got up and walked off without saying a word. I returned to our camp after she did and she gave me a peck on the cheek and asked me how my fishing went and just told her about the one that got away. We have never talked about it but I do fantasise about what I may do if there was a next time