Written by [Anonymous]


This is a story about my vacation at Cancun, Mexico. I did not plan a long
time for this trip. I just decided that I wanted to go somewhere far away
and warm, and went to a travel agent who booked it for the next month.

I booked the trip not knowing what to expect. It was the first time I had
done a "resort" type of vacation. I thought that it might be a good way to
go because I didn't want the fact that I was vacationing
alone to be too obvious. It was a Club Mediterian, and when you arrive they assign
you to a room. If you are vacationing alone, they will pair you up with
another person of the same sex, because all the rooms are as double
occupancy. On the bus ride from the airport I was sitting next to a woman
who had been to that same resort before, and she was filling me in on the
routine. There's a sort of introductory get-together first, then everyone's
invited to proceed to the desk where they do the room assignments. It's all
very informal, and if two people request a room together, they will assign
it that way.

Well, having been there before, Gennifer suggested we share a room, which
was fine with me, and she set it up. We got settled in the room, and went to
dinner together, then she showed me around the place. It's a real "pick-up"
club. Lots of single people, all sort of "pairing-off" in the first day or
so. Lot's of room changes. We didn't change our room though. I was enjoying
Gennifer's company, and I was glad not to be vacationing "alone", so to

Gennifer didn't seem Bi, or Lez at all. She was very feminine, and she
talked a lot about guys, and sex with them, and was scoping-out the male
hunks. I don't think I gave her any idea that I had previously had any
affairs with women either. We were just a couple of dizzy girls giggling
about all the guys who were trying to connect with us. There's lots of
drinking that goes on, and I drank more than I normally would (which isn't
much anyway...)

We arrived at the resort late the first day, and stayed up late that night
drinking and flirting. There were a couple guys who nearly talked me into
going to their room with them. One was so gorgeous, I was fantasizing right
there at the bar of tearing his clothes off. For some reason (possibly that
I had just broke-up with a guy I'd been dating for over a year) I couldn't
bring myself to go with him. Later that night, when we stumbled (really)
back to the room we were loaded, and wouldn't have been any good sexually to
anyone. We were a sorry sight getting undressed. We were stumbling and
giggling and stripping, and wondering aloud if this guy or that guy at the
bar would have been a good fuck. We speculated as to how one particular
gorgeous piece of man was going to "satisfy" himself that night after we
left him. He was pretty sure that we were the ones to attach himself to.
Maybe he was hoping for some kind of three-way thing. Who knows. Who cares.
He's history. The moment we got back to the room Gennifer didn't hesitate in
taking off everything. She was slurring something like: "Too fucking
hot....", while throwing the last of her underwear at the wall across the
room. It was very warm and easy to sleep nude, so when she took it all off,
I just giggled and flung all my modesty across the room too. As we took
turns visiting the bathroom nude, there was some mutual 'Damn, you got a
fantastic body' sort of talk, but before you knew it, the booze finally took
its toll, and we both were dead to the world.

We awoke about the same time (late). Gennifer got up first, moving slowly
and talking softly, as she walked about the room, expressing regrets for
drinking so much. Before I had the chance to dig through
my bag to find something to cover my nakedness with, Gennifer, while also
still nude and starting to gather the clothes she had scattered the night
before, said: "God, I love the tropics. Sometimes I wish I
could be a nudist on a tropical island. The last time I was here I wore the
absolute minimum I could get away with. Not even a bra and panties. And
whatever I had on hit the floor the moment I returned to the room." Both of
us still being nude at the moment, she said: "Listen, if it doesn't offend
you. ....." I quickly told her: "No, not at all. I spent the summer in the
midwest once, and it was so damn hot I did pretty much the same thing." She
said: "Good. It's a deal, then." So we puttered about the room completely
naked, and it felt so natural. That was when I first really looked at her
body. She was truly beautiful. Tall and slender, with pert breasts that
pointed outward, and a perfectly formed butt atop long sensuous legs.
She had short blond hair cut in the "Princess Di" fashion, and the hair
between her legs was so silky, light-blond that it blended with her skin to
look almost as if she had shaved it clean.

We both showered and helped each other pick out something light and airy to
wear over our skimpy bikinis, then went to lunch (yes... we slept so late
that it was lunch already.) After eating we strolled
toward the beach, and were soon getting a start on our tans. While we were
lying on the lounge chairs I couldn't help turning to talk to her, trying
not to be obvious about my real purpose, which was to look at her wonderful
body. Soon it got too hot to stay in the sun, and we both ran into the
crystal-clear ocean to cool our skin, laughing and holding hands as we
splashed about. We decided to return to the room to rinse off the saltwater,
and as agreed, were nude again as soon as the door was closed.

It was a small bathroom, and as we passed going to the shower, our bodies
brushed against against each other and I felt an electric jolt pass through
me. We didn't say anything about it, and she got into the
water as I left the little room. I didn't bother drying off. I would be dry
naturally very soon anyway. I was sitting on a small wooden bench in front
of the vanity mirror when she came from the shower, also having not dried
off. As I tried to pull a comb through my hair I said: "Damn, I sometimes
wish my hair was short like yours.", and she replied: "Oh, no. I love your
hair. It's beautiful. Here, let me do that for you..." She took the comb and
began gently combing it out smooth. It was the first time her touch wasn't
inadvertent, and it felt so nice. She took a long time combing, while I made
faint moaning sounds, and told her how I liked having my hair combed by
someone. Then she told me softly that she loved combing beautiful long hair,
and that mine was especially beautiful, and that she could keep combing it
for hours. My eyes connected with her eyes in the mirror and she softly
smiled at me. I just closed my eyes and let myself rest back against her.
She set the comb down and began massaging my hair and my temples. I said:
"Ummmm... that's so nice. I love having that done to me." She said: "I love
doing it. I love touching beautiful things, and I miss the feel of long hair
against my skin..."

Just then, I moved slightly, so as to gently rub my long hair against her
bare front... and felt a warm glow light up in my chest as she pressed her
tummy more firmly against my bare back. I could see in the
mirror that her nipples were getting unmistakably erect, as my own began
doing the same. With my head rested against her, her hands went from my
temples to my shoulders and gave me a deep massage. Then, slowly her hands
went down my front, still massaging, and rubbed the area just above my
breasts. I said in a shallow breath: "Ohhhhh. Uuuummm, yes." When she heard
that her hands then moved down and cupped my breasts completely, and my eyes
and mouth opened, and looking at her eyes in the mirror, I said: "Oh... Oh,
God. Ohhhhhh, yes, yes." My heart pounded in me like a large engine as she
gently squeezed and rolled my nipples between her fingers, still gazing into
my wide eyes. My open mouth made deep sounds that accompanied deep breaths.
She cupped my breasts again and pulled me toward her, pressing the hardness
of her pelvic mound into my bare back.

I wanted to look directly at her, so I turned around on the stool, facing
her now, looking again up into her eyes as she stood between my open legs.
Her fingers ran through my hair and my hands went to her hips and held them.
She gripped my hair tightly as my hands moved around to feel the lovely
curves of her exquisite bottom. She pulled my face forward, and I pull her
toward me, and my open mouth came to her very hard, very erect nipples. I
watched a look of astonishment come over her face as my mouth closed on one
of them, and sucked it hard between my lips. She said: "Ooooohhh,
geeeeezzzz" as her eyes closed and her head rolled back. I squeezed her
bottom, pulling her so close that her pussy hair was pressed into my
breasts, and it felt sublime. She began slowly rubbing her cunt against my
own hard nipples as my fingers explored her behind, and my mouth found her
other nipple, and bit it gently before sucking it deep against my tongue.
One of my hands found its way around to her tummy and massaged it as my
thumb worked its way down through her hair. She lifted her right leg and put
her foot on the stool beside me, and my thumb parted her lips. She shook as
she said: "Oh, God. Oh God.... Ohhhh." She then made a sharp sucking sound
when I pushed my thumb up deep inside her, tightly gripping her entire mound
in my hand. Her hips began moving and I could feel her clitoris grow very
hard as she rocked her cunt back and forth in the palm of my hand. The one
leg she was standing on began to shake. Not wanting to stop she held onto me
tighter, but her shaking became uncontrollable, and she almost fell into me.

Stepping backward, she fell against the bed and I followed her, but this
time my mouth didn't return to her nipples, my hands did, and as I held her
wonderful breasts my open mouth went immediately to her
wetness. I sucked her, I licked her lips, I held her hard clit between my
lips. My fingers pinched and rolled her nipples as my tongue went as far
into her as I could put it. With my mouth completely against
her I brought my upper lip over her clit and then held it between my upper
lip and my tongue. I  was rapidly forcing my tongue in and out of her while
rubbing it against her clit. She was thrashing around
wildly. She held my hair tightly, pulling me into her more. As her hips
started bucking, her hardened, protruding clitoris was fucking the mouth
that was closed so tightly onto it. Then, her body went
perfectly rigid and she let out a deep whimpering cry. A moment later her
body went from rigid to shuddering deep inside. Another moment later she was
lying there... twitching in short repeated spasms. I rested my face onto her
thoroughly wet, faintly hairy, sweet smelling mound and felt her spasms as
they passed through her and into me.  After awhile, she was still, except
for the short, shallow breaths that coincided with the rise and fall of her
breasts in my hands.

I move up along her body and put my lips, which were still very wet from her
orgasm, onto her mouth and we sucked each other and explored with our
tongues as she squeezed my breasts. Then I heard myself say aloud: "God,
what was that... what have we done?" She pushed me away from her and a
momentary panic entered my mind as I thought she was rejecting me. But at
arms-length she held me and looked into my eyes and replied: "That...
that... that was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. And
I feel an overwhelming need to do the same thing for you. Now. Right now.
And if you'll let me, I'll do it everyday... all day if you like, as long as
we are here... if you'll let me. Please let me?"  I started smiling, and she
resumed pushing me back, down onto my back... and then brought her mouth to
my breasts, where she played for such a long time... I was so excited, so
turned on, as her mouth moved lower over my trembling tummy... lower over my
trembling pussy... then closed firmly on my own open wetness.

Gennifer did exactly what she said she would do... she sucked and licked and
bit and pulled and kissed the warm wet place that I held so open for her,
for what seemed like hours. I had three wonderfully strong orgasms. She had
been with a woman before; there was no doubting that. She knew precisely how
to take me over the hill, then over the next one, and the next one too. She
made me want to spend every moment with her. Every moment of our vacation
with both our mouths upon the other's body. Every moment entwined together
as one. Capturing one another, probing, stimulating, consuming and tasting
the delicious response. It was such a fulfilling experience.

Late into the evening, not wanting to even go to eat, we went together to
the shower to rinse off the perspiration. Gennifer made me stand there, legs
spread, holding the wall and the shower head to steady myself, as she used
her shampoo to thoroughly wash every inch of my body for me. When she was
finished, she stood there while I washed her everywhere. When I was washing
her feet I got down on my knees, and after those were done, I washed up her
legs until I was washing where they met. A moment later, I let the wash
cloth fall and finished with my hands. She started to resist and I "ordered"
her to stand there, legs spread wide, while I inserted my thumb deep into
her pussy, once again cupping her mound and squeezing her tightly, feeling
her clitoris ride the palm of my hand. Then just as she was getting into a
familiar rhythm, I pushed my other thumb firmly into her butt and squeezed
with that hand too. The shock took her by surprise, and I began pumping both
thumbs in and out, and almost instantly her breathing halted and she
exploded onto my hand. She then collapsed against the shower wall and said:
"Ohhhh, baby, I was sure I didn't have it in me to do that again." She had
just had her third orgasm of the evening. We were even. We returned to bed
and cuddled together into blissful sleep.

What a sensual experience that day was, as were all the other days of that
vacation. We did everything together. We sunbathed together. Strolled the
beaches together. Played with colorful fishes together as we snorkled along
the reef. But best of all, we showered together, slept together, and made
love every moment we could.  It was the most beautiful introduction to the
tropics that a person could wish for.