Written by [Anonymous]


Recently, my wife, Roza, and I experimented with a swinger lifestyle. We were very turn on by the experience. We both agreed to focus at first on other men for male-female-male (m-f-m) threesomes.

A good place to find other swinger was online. So together we found swinger site and spent a great deal of time chatting with different guys.

After chatting for some time we decided to meet some of them over lunch. This allowed us to meet and greet these people without having the pressure to having to sleep with them first.

After we got to know a few of them, we decided to invite one over into our bedroom. The sex was great! I've never seen my wife so turned on before. I was extremely turned on by seeing her with another man too. For several months she was like a wild animal even when we were alone.

After about five or six m-f-m's, I told her it was time to start focusing on my fantasy: an female-male-female (f-m-f).  Again, we search online over the next several weeks, chatting with several women and as well as meeting them over lunch. Finally, we invited one over. The sex was so great it was unbelievable. My wife enjoyed the female and female encounter. Of course, I enjoying every bit of it.

We both agree the swinger lifestyle has enhanced our sex life. We plan to experience further more with other couples.