Written by [Anonymous]


My wife and I had been married about 3 years although we been together as
a couple for almost 9 years. One night I said to my wife that she only ever
had my cock inside her had she ever wanted to try another shape or size of
cock! To my supprise she said yes! But I had to find a man and select a man
to do her whilst i watched!

I spent 3 months searching for a person similar to us in outlook and age etc
in the end I contacted a professional man who was looking to do a MMF
threesome. We agreed a time to meet up in a neutral location where we could
let my other hald decide if she liked him enough to let him fuck her!

The night came and we were very nervous we met up and had a drink and a chat
with mark. My said to him I dont want one a cock thats longerthan my hubby
one but I like to know what a fatter one flet like inside me. Well Mark
laughed and siad well mine certianly fatter and with that and what had been
said before we went to our home.

When we arrived home to my suprise Mark had a feel of Sew's tits and he
rubbed her crutch through her trousers I watch as her took of her cardigan
to show her white basque underneath. He looked at me as he undid mandy's
trousers. They fell to the floor and his hand slide itself underneath
Sew's pants as mark started rubbing her pussy well Sew looked at me as
if to say you bastard but she then shuddered as marks fingers entered her

At that point Sew insisted that we all went upstairs and we all got on our
king size bed where Sew undressed me and undressed Mark. Sew then told
Mark to stuff his cock into her wet cunt as she was sucking my cock. Mark
took her from behind doggy style and as his cock went into her she sucked
harder on my cock almost making me cum as she did! Well Mark pundered
Sew's pussy for around 10 minutes when Sew said all change so Mark
pulled his wet cock out of her and i took Sew from behind whilst mark
stuck his wet cock into Sew's mouth we canged over several more times
before I unloaded mysefl into Mandy,s cunt as she told me too!

This mad Mark so dam Randy he rolled Sew onto her back and rammed his
cock deep into her cream filled hole and after a few minutes he moaned aas
he filled mandy'd hole with his cream ! Sew then licked his cock and
thanked Mark and I for doing her so well.

Later that night Mark mounted Sew again as I laid in bed and he shot his
cream into her cunt again this time i just watched. Mark then went home!

Sew then spent another hour fucking and sucking my cock and insisiting
that she Wanted Mark to do her again! She said that although Marks cock was
only 5 inches it was 2.5 inches thick and she enjoyed me stretching her lengh ways and enjoyed Mark stretching her sideways!

Since that first night Mark been back to fuck Mandy on several occassions
and we really enjoyed the experience!