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The Social Media Fan

"The hook-up"

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The Fan

The big connection came when Frankie spotted the post on Tony’s Social Media page. His Harley was sitting on the beach with a stunning sunrise in the background. She knew this beach!!!. The stunning shot was taken not far from where they lived. Holy Fuck! A fan who was in her neighborhood!

Anyone who was riding a Harley as sleek and sexy as this bike was going to be hot. Outlaw and slight badass, hopefully with tattoos. Frankie hit the like button, Tony’s reply was quick. He fired her a private message thanking her for the like and asking if she loved bikes. Frankie’s response was simple. Fuck Yeah !! was all she wrote back.

Tony had been a very dedicated admirer of the shots Frankie posted on her gram . Always complementary and never pushy. His comments were always very flattering. Sliding into her DM’s. Call it sexting or just plain flirting the messages were very sexy. Frankie was impressed when he sent through a couple of quick video clips of him at work. Well tanned, well built, very fit and heavily tattooed. His cheeky banter was the cream on top of a very hot lad.

Having established that his biggest turn on was a fit older MILF, Frankie was getting rather excited at the prospect of actually meeting up with this stud and seeing his hotness in the flesh.

Franke and Jack decided to give Tony a treat and do a private shoot just for him. Frankie picked out four new sexy little outfits and modeled each one while Jack photographed her. Using this as a tempter to hopefully get a first meet with Tony sometime very soon. She knew what his favorite style of lingerie was so kept that set for last. The first outfit was a blue sheer set which went down very well. The second set was a very high cut gold bodysuit. Almost from the eighties in its style it was sexy as fuck. Skimpy and high cut with killer heels.

His response was a picture of his very enlarged jean crutch.

The third set was killer. Pink mesh minidress with nothing underneath. Sexy little nipples popping out the mesh. A magic tan line visible to Frankie’s pussy area under the hot pink mesh fabric. Very very sexy. Tony’s response was simple. Holy fuck, that’s my favorite.

Saving the best for last. Frankie modeled a black sheer bra and g set with a micro short black sheer mini dress over. Black on black and sheer on sheer. A super sexy elegant look. Frankie did remember that sheer fabric covering her ass and pussy was Tony’s number one turn on. Pressing send the response was instant. ‘That’s the outfit I want you to wear when we meet’ was all Tony wrote.

‘Deal’ Frankie replied.

She hoped she had hooked his interest in taking their flirty chat to a new level and actually meeting up. It was easy to be sexy and wild on the chats, but face to face was always a bit scary and nervous.

Frankie only had to wait a few days before Tony messaged saying he was going to be working close to Frankie’s home town all this week coming. His work had him about thirty minutes from her town. His message asked if there would be any chance they could meet for that overdue introduction and coffee? His message also asked if Frankie remembered the deal to wear that sheer black lingerie set she had modeled for him?

Holy shit!! it was less than 24 hours before Frankie would physically meet her Instagram crush

Lounging on their bed in the exact sheer outfit she had modeled for Tony on the gram. Jack looked Frankie over a coupe of times, soaking up all her fucking sexiness. This milf was a lingerie model. Anything she wore worked superbly. Sliding his hand over boobs and down to between her legs.

“Are you going to let Tony have a good feel of your lingerie clad body?” Jack casually asked.

Frankie gave a little shudder before slowly nodding her head.

“What about if Tony slides his fingers inside your knickers?” As Jack slowly plunged his finger inside her g string.

“Maybe!” Frankie purred

“What about if I slip my hand inside this pants and see exactly how hard I have made him!”

“Show me exactly what you are planning to do with his cock” Jack asked

Frankie tugged at Jacks button fly, flipping the buttons open to reveal an already massive hard cock. Gently freeing it Frankie slowly started to wank the shaft. Holding eye contact with Jack as she increased her hand speed.

“Would you like me to slip my mouth over it ?”

My god , you little slut. Frankie was now asking Jack for permission to suck on Tony’s cock if the situation allowed for it.

With her fucking skilled mouth sliding up and down Jacks shaft, Frankie winked at Jack. This was crazy hot, Frankie was getting permission to be a naughty little slut with Tony. Just watching his hot-wife in action, knowing that she might be doing this to a new guy was mind blowing. Just before he was about to come, Jack asked Frankie if she would want to fuck Tony on this first meet and greet? All Frankie did was  hold Jacks erupting cock deep inside her mouth till every last drop of cum had escaped.

Game on Frankie thought. They had arranged to meet at a roadside lay-by. Frankie was very nervous. Excited but nervous. Time to stop for a quick pee. As she jumped back in the car she saw Tony’s truck drive past. Jumping in behind him she flicked him a message.

“Look in your mirrors” was all it said.

Frankie parked just inside Tony’s truck. Her Jeep was well hidden from the passing traffic.

Not really knowing exactly what to do Frankie jumped out of the car and started to walk behind the truck. Coming down the other side was Tony in the flesh. He was exactly like the photos and videos, but the smile was even bigger in the flesh.

It was a full blown hug and kiss that broke the nerves for them both. Sliding his hands over her back and just touching her bum. “Your more stunning in the real” Tony said admiring this Instagram goddess standing in front of him. Tony could not keep his hands off Frankie’s body. Gently touching and sliding his hands around her waist and over her butt. He even went back in for a second lingering kiss. They were both very excited and with each fondle and grope the nerves slowly receded. Frankie casually removed her top to reveal the black mesh outfit she had modeled for Tony and promised to wear on this first introduction. Tony could not control himself. His hands were  all over Frankie’s body. He asked of it was alright to slip her boobs out of this sexy lingerie. Frankie just nodded as Tony slipped his mouth over her erect nipple. His had was roaming up the inside of Frankie’s skirt, gently reaching the inside of her legs. Very gently sliding over her mesh clad pussy.

This was getting very steamy. It was also a little risky standing out in the public’s view. Grabbing Tony’s hand Frankie sauntered over to the passengers side of his truck. “Help me up” Frankie asked as she climbed the steps to the cabin. With his hand on her butt and admiring the view, Tony pushed Frankie up till she got the door open. With her sexy long legs and cheeky bum showing, Frankie  was in no rush to climb inside. Tony was just admiring the view.

The inside of the truck was cool. Lots of beep buttoned panels and huge seats. There was a nice flat padded area between the two seats. Sort of a great work bench for Frankie to lounge on. Before Tony had jumped in the truck, Frankie has removed her skirt. She was now clad only in black mesh as per her photo shoot. She was positive that there was enough room in the trucks cabin to get up to some mischief.

With her hand touching Tony’s leg she casually asked if he loved her outfit. All he could do was nod his head and grab Frankie’s hand and place it on his bulging groin area. Frankie was impressed!!!

Slipping her hand into his shorts she was very pleasantly surprised with he size of his rock hard cock. This boy was very excited ! Slowly Frankie freed his cock from the confines of his shorts. Casually wanking his beautiful cock.

“Would you like me to slip this inside my mouth?” Frankie asked.

Reaching his hand behind her head, Tony gently pulled Frankie’s mouth down to his bulging cock. Giving head was Frankie’s speciality. She was a demon with a cock in her mouth. Tony was controlling her movements with his hand wrapped in her hair. He was right on the verge of unloading and took control of how much of his cock was allowed inside this hot MILF’s mouth.

“My turn “ Tony said. Positioning Frankies bum on the center panel between the two seats. Rotating Frankie’s seat so the back was against the passengers door. Her long legs were either side of Tony’s body, legs nicely spread and her stunning pussy easily accessible for Tony’s mouth. Sliding her lingerie to one side before gently flicking his tongue over her glistening lips. Frankie could not believe what was happening. They were only planning a meet and greet introduction. Her orgasm was building very quickly. As she exploded Tony plunged two fingers deep inside her. Holding his tongue on her quivering clit as she thrashed her legs around his back. Pulling his head hard into her pussy the shaking lasted a good two minutes. Intense was an understatement.

“I really want your cock inside me “ was all Frankie could say.

“Sit back in your seat and I’m going to ride you” Frankie instructed Tony. Pulling her G-string to one side she slowly lowered her wet pussy onto his shaft. Sliding all the way down till she was grinding her pussy hard into his balls. She was going to explode again with his manhood buried deep inside her. As Frankie started to tremble again with her next orgasm, Tony explode inside her. They had both set each other off.

Wrapped around each other till the orgasms had subsided. Who would have believed how naughty and hot a first introduction could actually be. Frankie was going to be in big trouble with Jack when she got home.

Giving Tony a final kiss goodbye, Frankie sent Jack a text message.

“Better get your ass home darling “ was all she wrote.

Jack knew that this was code form Frankie, confirming she had been a whole lot naughty with Tony and was going to be reliving her naughtiness with Jack all afternoon in bed.

Written by MILFEY

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