Written by Anonymous


Ok so this is a bit of a fantasy of mine, and was telling a friend last night and she said i should turn it into a story on KS, so here goes

We had been texting back and forward for a while, trying to get a time to catch up that both worked, we both worked crazy hours and had commitments outside of work that prevented us from ever being able to find a time that worked, we knew we were both horny, and were both frustrated as anything

I had just finished a morning meeting when the phone beeped, it was her, " I am in Hornby, and free for a few mins, how is your day doing?" the txt read, Quickly I text back, " wow timing, me to, just finished meeting, heading to another, but could kill a few mins" "cool lets meet, how about the toilets on X street?" A quick google to see when that was, and yes wasn't far" Great be there in 5, I really don't have long however," It was organized, I was both excited and nervous, I could feel my cock already starting to tingle at the thought...

I pulled up at the area and could see another car with a female inside, A cheeky wave, and one back I knew I was in the right place, without hesitation I parked up, and started making my way to the first available toilet, I knew by this stage I had a shadow following me, this again made my manhood twitch, the excitement and anticipation about what was to come…

I slowed a little to let the shadow behind me catch up a bit closer, and entered into the space, with the shadow right behind, then turned around pushed the door shut and pushed her against it, given her a big kiss and locking the door all at once... she was a lot shorter than I was expecting, and I really had to reach down to kiss.. was this going to be a problem… time would tell, we didn’t have long anything, we kept of kissing, hard and passionate, my hands on her side as I pushed her against the door. As we kissed I started moving my hands down her body, rubbing her legs and clit through her pants, she did the same to me, working my way down to my now very hard cock, we kissed and rubbed each other, and before long it wasn’t enough, we both loosened each other’s pants, now we had access to flesh. I rubbed her now wet clit for a minute or so, before slipping my finger in, she let out a slight moan as it went all the way in with easy, it was so wet.

We continued to kiss as I started to slide my fingers in and out of this amazing wet pussy, at the same time she responded back, stoking my hard cock back and forth, it wasn’t long before I could sense her breathing starting to get heaver, she had now stopped kissing and had her head pressed against my chest, I pushed back harder, making sure she was well trapped continued to slide my fingers in and out speeding up the rhythm as her breathing got harder, as I sped up so did her hand movements on my cock, we got faster and faster, breathing got heaver and heaver, our hips were now moving back on forth in sink to our hands, before long she let out a big moan and o could feel a sudden rush of juices flow from her pussy, this was to much for me and I let go, letting streams of cum escape from my cock, we slowed down, gave each other a huge kiss, then pulled up our pants and unlocked the door, still no words had been spoken,

We walked to our cars and left, me to my meeting I was now late for, and her off to her next appointment.

Later that day I received a Text, “thank you very much…can’t wait for next time” “me neither” I responded