Written by bat_cheerleader


Cheerleader wrote this....I'm looking for volunteers to make it happen

How start, in my bed room, where I am getting dressed and you have walked in

You hold me by my neck, kissing me and talking me through what to expect

while fingering my pussy with your other hand

And you whisper in my ear, how you put an ad out, have seen to it who will be there

They volenteered and want to fuck me and do I want this? You ask me but don't expect anything but

my absolute attention

And I feel almost naked, in this short skirt and heels

With no bra and no panties and this thin little top just hiding my now errect nipples

Its dark out and just before we leave you secure my wrists with your handcuffs. They bite hard on my skin and I can feel the metal tug me back to reality. You put me on my knees, so I can lick your cock just for a moment, just a taste, just to see how hard you are. And I can feel you stiffen in my mouth. Feel the salty taste of your cock on my tongue and feel my pussy beging to throb. And pulling me back to my feet you lead me out the door. In your car, you blind fold me, but just for the ride, so it seems longer than it is and then we pull into the alley way. You come around to the other side of the car and pull me out, stand me up and take the blind fold off. It is so dark my eyes can't adjust quickly and my heart quickens. And then there is a new game, as there are now two hand cuffs, one attached each to a chain. Both that you have in your hand as you lead me down the alley way. I begin to breathe heavey and you stop and pull me to you and feel how wet my pussy is, dripping and throbing to your touch and I let out a little moan, becuase you can relieve the pressue there and you tell me "not yet" and kiss me an lead me further. And I can hear them, men I don't know and can not identify but they are there waiting... and I can only hope I can please them all.

We come to the end of the alley which opens wide to a circular car park, there is only one way in and one way out and it is now blocked by a man. I can't see his face, but I can make out his shadow. And you lead me further in, and tell me in my ear to do as I am told and there you display me for them to see. And I can not tell you how many there are, only that I can feel a hand on my nipple as I close my eyes and breathe. There is a man standing in front of me, his cock is bulging from his pants, as I rub his cock with my bound wrists, him standing in front of me, you right behind me. I can feel you press up against me, tightening your grip on my nipple and talking in my ear, telling me to unzip his pants and take his cock in my mouth, and as I do so, as I bend at the waist to unzip this man's pants and feel his budging cock with my lips, you push two fingers probing into my swollen and throbbing pussy. And I can taste foreign saltiness and feel your fingers push into my pussy as i want to push back on them. And his cock get's harder as he pulls me in by my hair and I can hear him breath hard, sucking his breathe in and I am now hungry to please him, hungry to take his cock all the way in my mouth, and then I am surprised by another cock waiting for me, right at my lips, this one bigger than the last, and feels different, the owner I can barely see or look up at, as I feel two fingers slide in and out of my pussy, pushing me further.

I have a foreign taste in my mouth, salty mixed with sweat and sweet, and I can feel the first man move behind me, rubbing my now bare ass as I am bent over the third man, feeling him pull up behind me, the tickle of his hair rubs against my thighs and I shake, because I do not know what will come. And then I feel you tug at my wrist, first the left and then the right and then I realize that I am being pulled into place, bent over like this, with my ass in the air and have to pull at the chains at my wrists to steady myself. The second man pulls out of my mouth, as you are now face to face with me, and kiss me and tell me that my pussy is throbbing and would I like relief and I nod and say yes, and you say yes, and I can feel strange fingers push into me, steady and slow, playing with my clit as I hold on to the chains and beg for your cock in my mouth, telling you that I want to taste you to feel you and then it comes, he fucks me from behind, thrusts into me before I can expect it with a steady rhythm and its electrifying as it is terrifying and I want something familiar as well, as you give me your cock so I can lick you and taste you while I am getting fucked, and I hunger for it. I want it, to take this fucking and feel how hard his thrusts are while I take you in my mouth and want only to please.

And I can feel the other man rubbing himself off as he waits his turn, and I can feel your cock stiffen in my mouth as you pull out. The man behind me thrusts into me harder and deeper, and then he pulls out wanting my mouth on his cock. You tell me to finish him off with my tongue and my lips as the second man slaps my wet pussy and sticks his cock in me and with a nod from you. And the first man comes in my mouth, hot and salty and sticky and its on my tongue, while I can feel how hard my pussy is getting a beating, and I hold on to the chains tight, as they cut into my wrists and I can only moan with a cock in my mouth and taking his thrusts from behind, and I can feel how sore my lips are and how bruised they must be, and how wet and throbbing I am and just want release. And I can feel him cum on my ass, and still I am not relieved... my pussy swollen and hot with my wet and dampness.

You untie both chains and they drop from my wrists, and pull me to the wall, and from behind you tell me to stick out my ass, and you spank it hard. And pull me back by my hair as you slip your cock into me and ask me if I liked it. And I say yes, and you tell me that I was good and that I did what I was supposed to and would I like to cum now. And I practically beg you moaning for it. As you fuck me from behind, in a steady rythem as you touch my clit and I cum on your cock, hard, as you feel me squeeze and tighten and pull your cock in harder with every wave of me getting hotter with moisture and you push up into me as I stick my ass out for you, and you cum hard, as your cock thrusts and your cum drips down my leg.