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"Submit to the Taste"

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She stood before him, wearing that dress she liked, white, always white.  Buttons undone to her thigh, maybe a bit too high.

Undone from the top showing a touch of what lay beneath. The sleeves that slopped off the shoulder.

He sat there approvingly, arrogantly.  His dressing gown lazily, confidently, presumptuously left open, enough to see a glimpse of his semi-erect cock hover on his thigh, he stood. Stepping toward her, he took a finger and slipped the dress sleeve off her shoulder, her breast bounced gently out, full, and soft.  He smiled, as he slipped the other shoulder off, and held both her breasts in his hands.

A rush of panic rose in her, her face now flush, not knowing what to do, where to turn, but she had signed up for this, and here she was, standing in an empty room but for his chair.

He sat back down.

‘Come’ he said, as he gestured for her to sit on his lap.

She took a step forward, and before she could turn her back to him and sit, as instructed, he lifted her dress above her buttocks, turned her, and sat her on his lap. Now her back lay against his chest, her bum cold against his hot thighs, and she could feel the muscle of his penis harden against her.

This was becoming too much for her already, and she made an involuntary move off his legs, but he held her back with both his hands coming around to hold her breasts, laying heavy now in his open palms. She squirmed.

With her now momentarily secure, he took his hands and pulled the buttons away, opening her dress even higher, exposing her pussy to the coolness of the room.

She shivered, at the action, and the thought that this had all gone too far, as his left hand came up to hold her breast once again, to hold her close and still. With his other hand, he gently pulled her chin to his face and plunged a kiss into her mouth, his tongue taking ownership of her, and her body.

Trapped beneath his hand on her chest, he moved his free hand down to the inside of her thigh, and pushed one leg open, whispering.’

“Open your legs.”

Awkwardly, reluctantly, she did.  Placing the palm of his hand on the mound of her pubic, he tapped, no, he patted, affectionally, without thought, as if by mistake.  But it was no mistake, crawling his fingers into the folds of her cunt, he slipped a finger on the edge.

‘We need to find out’ he said, and with that slipped a finger deep inside.

There was no hiding now, her cunt released, and a stream of wetness washed out.

With that, he pulled his fingers out and urgently pushed her thighs harder and further apart.  Now here she was, a dress open to her waist with breasts exposed, and legs wide open, and no buttoned cloth to cover her bashfulness, it was done.

She squirmed fervently, which only increased his enjoyment, as he let her wriggle, and patted her pubic affectionately once again.

Her face red hot, the room cool, she caught a glimpse of an approaching body.

‘I can smell her from here’ a soft-spoken man’s voice echoed from the shadows.

‘She’s wet and ready’, her man replied.  She wriggled harder. And there he stood the man from the shadows before her, looking down at her vulnerability.  He knelt and pecked a kiss atop her clitoris.  For a moment she passed out, but came too instantly as he began to lick, taste, and stimulate.















Written by LouiseFreya

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