Written by [Anonymous]


We had been with Jim twice and both times had been fantastic. After our second visit M was sure hoping we would hear from him again. I told her how sexy she was and that I didn't think it would be long. It wasn't! The next week Jim called and asked if we had enjoyed our last visit. He said Tony thought M was so hot and a very sexy woman. Jim said he would second that motion. He ask if we would like to come over the following Friday for more fun and games. I told him we were looking forward to it and would be there. M had a smile a mile wide when I told her Jim had called. She ask if I agreed to go and I said "what do you think". Needless to say she was excited the rest of the week and each night we had some great sex. I knew she was looking forward to Friday by the way she fucked me all week, which I loved. Friday arrived and M took a long time getting ready. She bought a new outfit which showed her big tits and she looked so hot. She wore a very high cut set of underwear, sexy black hose, and a see through bra. God she was beautiful. We talked on the way and she ask me if I enjoyed her with her new love. I placed her hand on my cock and let her feel the answer. Watching her being fucked and turned on by Jim is something else, I told her. She gave me a kiss and said she would give me lots to enjoy tonight. We arrived and Jim met us at the door. He had on a robe and a big smile. Once inside he got us a drink and we went into the den. I took my regular seat and he lead M to the couch. He had on some soft music and the lights were turned down. He ask me if he could enjoy M while I watched and my answer was that she would like that I think. He kissed her and told her how he was looking forward pleasing her. He continued to kiss her and she kissed him back. Soon he had her top open and started to kiss her neck and tits. He slowly undressed her in front of me and once he had her dress off he led her into the bedroom. I followed and took a seat in the easy chair in the corner. He turned her so she was facing me and lifted her ass up so he could enter her from behind. His cock is so large he can do things with it that can't be done with a regular size cock. I watched as he played with her tits, milking her nipples, kissing the back of her neck and fucking her slowly from behind. M looked at me and I could see the lust she was feeling in her eyes. I know Jim liked showing off in giving M his cock, and that was OK with me. His black skin next to hers was very sensual and he knew I like watching him give M his big cock. Soon he placed her on the bed and gave her a blindfold to put on. He then had her lay on her back and began to feed M his cock. About that time the closet door opend up and out walk the blond who had been in the movie with Jim and Tony we had seen. She smiled at me, and put her finger to her mouth to show me not to say anything., She had on a sexy pair of underwear and no bra. She was very nice and I knew what she planned on doing right away. Jim motioned for her to move closer as M sucked his cock. She got onto the bed and positioned herself between Ms legs. She didn't touch her but started to eat her now wet pussy. There I was watching M enjoy both a big cock and being eaten by a sexy woman. Jim had a smle and M was now moaning very softly. I know she had no idea who was eating her as she has never been with a woman. Soon her hips were moving with the blonds mouth and Jim was getting the oral pleasure of his life. M was trying to suck his enitre cock thanks to being eaten. Soon her body went stiff and she came several times. By now the blond was touching her tits and continued to eat her. Jim then had her move to her tits and he entered her wet pussy. He took long slow strokes and soon had his entire big cock inside her. I loved watching him fuck her because he knows what a woman enjoys and took his time at it. He made Ms body seem to cum alive with pleasure. As he fucked her, the blond started to suck her nipples one at a time. I know M had to know something was different but she continued to lay her head back and enjoy what she was getting. Soon Jim was lifting her ass off the bed with his hands to meet his thrust. He really knew how to use his body and as he lifted her ass off the bed I could see him pushing with his feet to get as deep as possible. I could see how wet his cock was as he entered her and he was telling her how he wanted her to move her ass and take his big cum filled cock. M was doing as ordered and she was moaning each time he stroked her. After about 10 minutes he had her so hot she was begging for him to make her cum. He told her he had a surprise for her and took off the blindfold. M saw the blond sitting next to her and look at me and Jim. She ask if she had been there the whole time and the blond answeed "yes and I hoped you liked my tongue" with a smile. I don't think M knew what to say or do but Jim took care of that. He told M the two of them were going to give her lots to enjoy and started to fuck her again. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and M laid her head back and closed her eyes as Jim gave her every inch of his hard cock. As he did the blond started to kiss M and soon I could see her kissing back. There was deep tongue kissing and along with Jim banging her M moaned and started to cum with a lot of shaking. Once she finished Jim had her mount his big cock and told her he wanted her to fuck him dry. The blond set back on the bed and watched with me as M start to move her ass and work on Jims cock. He can go for ever and in a short while I could see by the look on Ms face she was almost ready again. My cock felt like it was going to bust watching her enjoy Jims big cock. The blond ask her if she liked Jims cock as much as she did and M just mouthed Yes as she rode him. Soon I saw Jim raise off the bed and knew he was filling her with cum. She came right after he did and then laid on top of him as he continue to tease her with his cock. The blond got us some drinks and sat next to me as they laid on the bed. We talked an I was very happy how M was feeling about her first woman. She said she enjoyed it but wouldn't trade it for Jims cock with a smile. After a short while Jim had M on all 4s and giving her more cock and as I gave M my cock in her mouth. I came is a short time and sat with the blond as we watched Jim pleasure M. She seemed to enjoy the show as much as I did. Jim made M so hot and lose all control of her body. He had his hands on her ass and was giving her his cock all the way to his balls, and then would take it all the way out to the tip. I could see Ms ass quiver as he did this each time. God she was so hot and enjoying his cock and I loved it.. Once he was ready to cum he had M lay on her side and as he fucked her from behind the blond sucked on her nipples and then started to eat her from the front. M was cumming in no time as was Jim. I couldn't believe how many times she came. Well to make a long story a little shorter, we satyed most of the night and M enjoyed the blond and Jim most of the evening. She said she liked the feel of a woman but liked a man better. When we got home, I kissed Ms body and we enjoyed some slow sensual sex. Jims big fat cock make her a little sore and worn out for the next couple of days but she said it was worth it with a smile. Jim has since called and ask us if we wanted to go on a weekend trip with him and Tony. Tony was sad he missed the last visit and wants to make it up to M. So I think we are going to the mountains for a weekend of fun. Will let you know. Every man should let his mate enjoy what M has the last couple of months, you won't be sorry!