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public exhibition

"Dance like no ones watching"
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Last week I arranged a meet with a woman for the first time who had a fantasy to dominated in public. After a quiet drink and a chat to see the vibe was right I gave her a large shopping bag and instructed her to go to the ladies restroom, strip naked leaving on just her stockings and heels, then she was to put on the overcoat that was in the bag. She was then to put all her belongings in the bag and meet at the door. I took her to the roof top car park next door, there were people sitting in restaurants and malls adjacent the area but most were caught up in their own world. Once we reached the roof top I positioned her by a balustrade with an open atrium below. I pressed my lips firmly into hers and whispered are you ready, she replied take me Sir, I opened the coat front exposing her bare breasts the cool breeze ensuring her nipples stood to attention, as my lips caressed her neckline I pulled her head back by her hair, her breathing now heavy as my tongue flicked across her nipples, stepping back I twisted on her nipples, she let’s out a short whimper of surprise. I slap each breast until rosey before securing clamps firmly to each nipple, as I do so I notice her eyes are now glazed over with excitement. The coat now slipping from one shoulder she stands with her legs apart and her hands behind her back, I take a vibrator from my pocket, slapping her pussy open, it drips in anticipation, I then inserted the dildo, her eyes close her body now begins to shake. She didn’t take a minute to orgasm her head resting on my shoulder breathing heavily through the experience. Dropping to her knees, I unzipped my pants and slapped her face with my cock, she took it in her mouth and sucked enthusiastically. My balls engaged and beginning to ache I pulled her to her feet, turning her around she bend forward over the balcony rail, I folded the coat tail up over her back exposing her tight butt, with her legs spread I mounted her pushing my throbbing cock deep inside. As we pulsated together her coat flayed open in the breeze exposing her bare chest to the world below, I pulled her head back by the long locks of hair, i rode her like a stallion mounting the mare for the first time, my surging cock now deep in her ovaries we climaxed together. She turned and we kissed the adrenaline still pumping from this public display, as we leaned on each other to catch our breath, basking in the intensity of the experience, we had blocked the noise of the world around, we kissed with the appreciation of the passion we had shared, she then buttoned her coat, picked up her bag and left.

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