Written by [Anonymous]


The first time we swapped with another couple it was awesome and exciting, and a good experience for the most part. We met this couple on a different site arranged to meet for dinner and drinks. We ended up at a local hotel, After some small talk the other lady stripped down to her bra and Pantys. Betty went in and put on a sexy outfit. Now my wife is insatiable but somewhat shy. She came out of the bathroom and sat on the others guys bed. Me thinking she would be awkward and shy he would have to take the first step. Wrong lol Betty  jumped him like it'a was the first time she ever had sex. They started kissing and groping. Watching her was a real turn on especially when the got down to it. He after some heavy petting went down on her, she was sqirmimg all over the bed. He was a master of oral he wouldn't give her time to recoop, He just kept eating her without stopping. I never seen my wife cum so hard ever. In the heat of passoin she was talking lol She told him nobody ever ate her like that and she had cum 5 or 6 times. To make a long story short he fucked her pretty good to she actually Squirted 2 times. This was a first for her. On the way home I was thinking to my self was it the excitment of being with a different person or was he that much better that me. When I asked if he really was that talented she said she didn't remember saying that he was the best she ever had. As srtong as our marriage is I did have pains of jealously. But thank god the strength of our marriage over came the jealously I had. Well we talked about trying it again and it seamed good. So I joined Swingtown ( the best people in the world ) But Jan told me last night she thinks this is not what she want's to do I was suprised and asked why and she said she's just not comfortable with swinging right now. I don't want this to be a downer just something for first timers to think about. Take your time and Make Sure, Find the right people to do this with. As much as I love this site and the people on it I't not right for me to stay on board so when this month runs out I will not be renewing my subscription. I will miss many people here you I consider new friends. Maybe down the road we will be back you never know. I hope this wasn't out of place to post this, If it is guys delete it I understand.