Written by [Anonymous]


My boyfriend and I are in our late 20s and just move into our own apartment. One night when he was surfing on the internet he came across some article about swingers and their lifestyles. He called me over and asked me to read it with him. After reading it we just smile at each other. For me I was a bit curious about what it would be like to have such encounter with another couple. I didn't asked what Steven thought about it. So I just left that curiosity to myself.

It wasn't long before we settle down into the new apartment and met the married couple who lived in the next apartment, Belinda and Sam. They were in the 30's. Both were well educated and had professional jobs. To welcome their new neighbors, Belinda and Sam invited us over to there place for dinner. After dinner, we chatted over a couple of drinks.

Then we come about the topic about swingers. Belinda and Sam both smile at us and said that we are both into swinging too. Before I could ask further more, Belinda walked over to Steven and started to kiss him. Steven didn't seem to disapprove her.

I think it was the alcohol; I got up and went over to Bob. And one thing leads to the other. I wasn't long before we were having sex with each others partners. I was so aroused by Bob touching and kissing me, maybe because he is an older and more experience man.

After that night, Steven and I agreed it was the best thing we ever did. Our relationship is stronger then ever, not only that our sex life is even much better. These days we still hang out with our neighbor. They have even introduced us to other swinger couples.