I lost another bet to a female friend...... this time she decided to dress me up in a bright yellow gstring and matching bra with a tight white singlet and some very tight black wetlook leggings and yellow heels.... I wore this outfit all day... in the evening while still dressed up we both drive to a mud bog and there she told me I was to walk to the other side and back, but first she put 20 uncracked eggs into the front and back of the leggings. After that I was sent on my way which was fine until I got about halfway through the bog and started to sink..... I ended up sinking in the very sloppy slimy mud up to my chest.. the mud went everywhere and got into the leggings and down the singlet. Needless to say all the eggs broke too so I had slimy mud mixed with slimy egg in my leggings. After i got showered i had to get changed again into the same skintight white dress as the last bet but with pink leopard print gstring and bra and pink heels. After a couple of hours she tied me to a chair and tipped 20 buckets of slime over me and into the dress. It went see thru and left me there for an hour covered in slime