Written by palmyguy4410


Dialogue of an evenings sex texting (all messages complied into one story....

You are seated in a warm motel room, in a comfy chair, after a long luxurious hot bubble bath. You are wearing a soft toweling robe, loosely tied at the waist. Your eyes are closed, soft music is playing. You can hear me moving behind you, but you resist the urge to look. I take the items I have prepared and place them on the table behind you.

You start to turn but I am quickly behind you blocking your view I start to massage your shoulders, kneading the tension from your upper arms and back. I move your hair and gently nibble on your ear lobe, my breath hot on your neck. I gently nibble on your neck, and then bite like I can drink you like a passionate cocktail. I reach forward and slowly open the top of your robe, revealing your breasts and soft nipples. I reach down and gently take one in each hand, slowly gently massaging them, moving toward the nipples that are starting to swell. I take an ice cube from the tray, and gently circle your nipple with it, fascinated the way it swells and hardens to the coolness of the ice. You let out a little moan, and I place a finger in your mouth to sooth you. Your right nipple is now hard ant pert, begging for my attention. I lean forward and take your cold hard nipple in my mouth. You gasp at the shock of going from cold to warm, and I roll your nipple in my mouth, tugging on it with my teeth. I pinch the left nipple in my fingers and bite the right in my mouth. You lean back against me, and your thighs gently start to part....

I can sense your arousal, by the sweet musky smell that reaches my nose, and the glistening wetness of your pussy lips. I know this is not from the bath as I towel dried you before handing you the robe and leading you to the chair. I move around in front of you, my robe with a pronounced bulge in the front, but I kneel down and gently untie your robe, and open it wide so I can devour your sexiness with my eyes. I caress your legs, moving up your calves, over your knees and down your thighs. I lift one leg gently over the arm of the chair and reach up and pinch your nipple. I run my hand from your nipple down across your belly, lightly so that it tickles, and then rest it above your pubic hair, the other hand, I turn and gently rub your inner thighs as I look at your face.

Your eyes are closed and your head is back. Your face, breasts and body are flushed with arousal. I lean down, my breath hot against your thighs, and I poke out my tongue and gently probe and caress your outer lips. I explore upwards with my tongue and seek out your swollen clit from its hiding place within the folds of your pussy lips. I gently circle it with my tongue, feeling it pulse with erotic tension. I use both hands to gently ease open your wet pussy, then I start to explore every fold of your pussy with my tongue.

First one side, then the other, bottom to top, but always visiting your clit to lick, nibble and suck on it. Little moans escape you, and I stop to give you a strawberry to suck and eat before I slip a finger inside your wet pussy. You gasp with pleasure as it was unexpected, and I gently slip a second finger in and start to tease you, my thumb on your clit, my mouth biting your inner thigh. I grab a large, ripe, washed strawberry and start to tease your pussy with it. It is clean, but the small bumps on the outside are creating amazing sensations for you as I gently slide it in and out of you. I can see that it is getting covered in your juices, so I decide to eat that one myself. Mmmmmmmmmm the sweetness of the strawberry mixes well with your cum, and makes me smile and my cock twitch under my robe.You smile and reach out to get under my robe but I place my hand on yours and move your hand to your breast. I move down and re-enter you with my fingers, as I reach for a tiny vibe to place on your clit. I start it off on the slowest speed, being guided my your thrusting hips, I move your hand from your breast to hold the buzzing vibe, and then I stand and undo my robe. Naked, I move around beside you, lean down and give you a kiss, Your other hand reaches out and grabs the shaft of my cock and starts to caress up and down You tighten your grip an my throbbing cock and move me toward your mouth You open your mouth and flick the tip of my cock with your tongue. A moan escapes me as I can feel the warmth of your breath on me, and my cock jerks in your hand. "Easy boy" you say and give me a squeeze to slow me down

Then you lick from the base by my balls to the tip, and my knees go weak so I almost collapse. You lower your mouth over me, cupping my balls in one hand while the other holds the vibe on your throbbing clit. I let you fuck me with your expert mouth and tongue, gently rocking to your steady sucking rhythm. I reach over and grab a dildo, and gently place it against your pussy lips, slowly turning and probing so that I cover it with your cum. Then I start to slowly fuck you with it, matching the movements of your mouth on my throbbing cock.

My balls are full and tight, and I know that I would live to release a load of hot cum, but I am not finished with you yet

I take you by the hand and head over to the bed.

I lie down and remove the pillows.

I motion you to come to me and sit astride my face.

I grab your ass cheeks in my hands and pull you down onto my face.

I begin to happily slurp away, drinking in all that I can, but your cum runs down my face as you shudder in a beautiful orgasm as you fuck my face

You get off and turn around, leaning over to take me in your mouth in a slow and erotic 69.

you have a nice rhythm, and vary your pace and degree of sucking.

I continue to slowly lap at your glistening pussy, hovering centimeters above my face.

I raise my knees, and you gently reach out and push a finger in my ass. Then you reach and grab the vibe you used earlier and hold it gently on my asshole.

It puckers and pulses with the sensation, and I am longing for you to fuck me as I have yet to enter the warm tightness of your pussy

Now it's your turn to tease.

You reach into a bag and retrieve 4 silk scarves, which you use to tie me spread eagle on the bed.

I am helpless, with my hard cock standing up like a flagpole.

It's then that I feel the gentle hiss and feel the gentle sting on my thigh as you swing a whip

You trace my body from all corners with the cat o nine tales whip

and lean down and bite me hard on the nipple. Not enough to draw blood but close enough to leave a mark.

I gasp in pain and pleasure, but you make me forget about my nipple by plunging your mouth on my cock until I beg you to ride me . . . .