Written by Katz


Living such a distance apart we had only met online and cam until the weekend I had to be somewhere half way between me and you. You decided to fly up for a weekend break, visit rellies and have a meeting with me. I was nervous and excited when I met you at the airport, you were nervous too. We drove into the city and decided to stop for a drink, somewhere public and chat to get used to each other in person. You were funny and made me laugh. Finishing our drinks we wandered along the waterfront, chatting, you holding my hand, telling me things about yourself.

I had to keep twisting my neck up to look at you. I am not small but only average height, and you, well honey you are seriously one big unit. My head comes to your shoulder. I like that. We found ourselves in a small empty park. Under a tree, I asked you to kiss me; I wanted to stretch the length of my body against yours. The kiss was gentle and deep, holding me with a large hand splayed across my lower back; the day was deepening into evening as I felt myself melting into that kiss, into you, with a sigh of softness.

Your voice in my ear, breathing shivers down my spine, “I have been dreaming of you and sliding my fingers into you, may I darling? Here and now?” Not being an exhibitionist or public space gal, I gulped and nodded because truth to tell, I had been looking at those large hands and wide fingers and wondering…

There was no one around as I lifted my skirt for you to get your hand underneath. You kissed me again as you pressed my legs apart, leaning me back onto the tree trunk as you pushed my knickers aside and stroked my soft place, kissing me deeper as you parted the flesh and ran your finger down the length, stopping to circle that sensitive button, and back again, looking for moisture. It was coming to meet your fingers, as you slid your finger across me again, the wetness followed you. “Ahhh”, you breathed’ “there you are”. And your finger slid deep inside me, withdrawing enough to allow another finger to join it. I splayed my legs wider as I glanced around to ensure we were still alone. Wrapping my arms around your neck for balance, your lips on my neck, kissing me, nibbling me, as your fingers worked, drawing a moan from deep in my throat. Oh yes, I was so going to ride your fingers to moonrise.

Then there was a noise, voices behind us, darn, people were coming into the small park. You dropped your hand flicking my skirt down, helping me stand properly as you hugged me against you. I am sure that was a sound of deep disappointment emerging from my throat. You grinned, “We have all night, duty calls tomorrow, but for now, we have all night.”

Holding my hand we walked back to my car, and drove to the house I had booked for us, for this night. We picked up food and drink on the way, figuring we may need some sustenance and got settled in. As I was pouring wine, you held me from behind, playing with my hair, kissing my neck, pressing your oh so hard crotch against my arse. The pressure of the bench on my belly making my lady parts glow.

Taking our food and drink to the lounge, we sat close and talked while sharing kisses, and losing clothing one piece at a time, until we were down to underwear. I liked your black boxers, the expanse of your chest, the size of you, I hope you liked my purple set I had bought for the occasion. I didn’t ask you. We finished drinks and cleared up, finding our way to the bedroom. Yes I am a bed gal, I like comfort, I like to spread across a mattress, front side or backside and not have things sticking into me. Call me old fashioned, call me boring, but a good solid bed that doesn’t creak is a great place to be. Unfortunately this bed creaked as you backed me up to it, undoing my bra and laying me down, the fucker creaked! We burst out laughing, as I went to get up, you pressed me down again with a hand on my chest as you dropped to your knees, pulled off my knickers, using the other to open my legs. Smooth move dude! Then your tongue was where your fingers had been earlier and I was arching my body to meet it. Oh sweet blessings! You knew what to do there, and the doing of it was making my hips move under your lips as you kissed, licked and sucked me. I think I had hit the moan-at-will setting because your lips were making sounds come from my throat with each delicious, wet, rough tongued penetration that was making my pussy gape open under the onslaught. My knees came up as I reached for your lovely head. Oh you were working so beautifully there, I was beginning to crest and you, well you just delved deeper, large hands holding my arse as though in offering to your mouth. As I hit the high note, gushing on your tongue, you lifted me, burying your whole face into my cunt, shaking your head increasing the power of the waves that were thrashing through me. OMG, and we still had the rest of the night to go.

You got up, wiped your face, thank you, and kissed me. “Let’s try the bed together then”. You said as you turned down the blankets and pulled my limp body up the bed before braving the creaks to climb in beside me. Ahh I felt so boneless after that orgasm. Believe me, it was deeply, knee trembling good that was a tongue I wanted to ride again.

You held me close to you and I could feel your hard shaft against me, raising my head to kiss you, I found you with my hand. It was another OMG moment, because I had been so intent on what you were doing to me, I hadn’t really looked at you and what I had in my hand so nice! Long and thick, the foreskin peeling back nicely under my hand, and you giving the right kind of gasp to encourage me as I maneuvered my hand along the length of you. Oh you were so lovely, nothing like having a beautiful cock in hand, I was enjoying the feel of my hand moving between us against my still glowing belly, the hardness of your chest against my breast, the feel of your lips on mine…

Suddenly you rolled me on my back, covering me with your body, “I can’t wait doll, got to get inside you, now, open for me, please”. You were breathing hard. I relaxed, spreading my legs for you to snuggle down into the saddle, feeling your hard cock against my soft gaping pussy, as you took my head in your hands, kissed me with a hard tongue tasting of me thrusting into my mouth as you found your way into the wetness of me. You were large, oh yes, and thick, oh god, I could feel every millimeter of what felt like a thousand pushing into me, finding my tender spots. You were holding me so tightly and shaking on top of me, as though you were desperately holding back.

“What’s the problem?” I asked, a bit confused.

You grinned, “It’s been a while doll, and I don’t want to hurt you, my cock just wants to explode into you and I don’t want to let it just yet”.

“Ahh, don’t worry so much darl, just watch the depth with that weapon, I want to feel you fucking me, deeply, strongly, just fuck me please?”

With that you began to thrust. The bed moved and creaked, my hips rose to meet yours. Oh the blessings of being a woman with a man in the saddle riding her home through the stars. I was matching your rhythm, long deep thrusts, beginning to build the glow in my belly quietly under your urgency. Each time you came into me, the bed creaked one way and then creaked a different note as you withdrew. As you hit the short strokes, my legs came up, ankles crossed behind you, pulling you in. I was getting small twinges of pain when you hit the top of your stroke, making me squeak with discomfort. You were trying to pull back a bit so it wouldn’t hurt but my ankles were locked, heels in your butt, feeling the muscles pistoning your length into me.

Suddenly you were there, balls deep, trying to climb inside me as you let go with a deep moan, pushing deeper and deeper as though it would never end. As you pushed I could feel the pain in my belly of your length shoving against delicate parts and at the same time my body couldn’t help itself, cresting in response to your need, to your insistence, to your cock deep inside me, I bit lightly into your shoulder as I came with a gush.

The bed quieted at last as we collapsed into each other. Cuddling against you, leg draped over you, so nice not to have to rush off, to enjoy the feel of your body and the deep man smell of you. It doesn’t get better than this, I thought as we drifted to sleep.

Sometime later, maybe around 2am, I woke. Climbing back into bed after a bathroom visit, I snuggled against you. Running my hand down your body, feeling your soft cock, holding it in my hand. You sighed in your sleep, and the arm around me gave a sleepy squeeze. With my other hand, I felt down between my legs, gave my clit a questioning rub, and yes, she was awake too. I squeezed your cock gently and felt it start to thicken; I wondered how much sensation it would take to wake you. Carefully I simply pulsed my hand on your cock, ever so slightly squeezing and releasing to see what would happen. If nothing did then sleep was a good option, and there was always the morning.

Before I knew it, I had you standing to attention. Your breathing told me you were still asleep, but there was a little hitch in your breath. So here I am, in the dark, in a creaking bed, a hard cock in my hand and a clit with a buzz on. What is a gal to do? Slowly, so the bed didn’t move, I got to my knees, moving carefully, I straddled your hips, coming down on the beautiful hardness I had directed at my pussy. Using one hand to part my lips and the other to guide you, I sank down with a sigh, rocking ever so gently into place, moving only enough for the bed not to moan.

It was lovely, you sleeping, me rocking on your cock. I could feel you rising to the surface of sleep, an involuntary twitch of your pelvis, your hands searching for me and finding my hips. Pulling me down in a sleepy and dreaming way. I picked the moment you woke properly, it was when you suddenly lifted your head and hands, and said, “What???” As your hands were raised, I gripped them both in mine, interlacing our fingers, pushing down so your elbows were on the mattress to support me. Without answering, I let my movements get bigger, the bed started talking and you were fully awake and with me. Ahhh, nothing like a quick shag in the dark. I rode you fast, sliding up and down your shaft, controlling the depth and pace. You let me, supporting me with your hands, allowing me to settle into the work of feeding my desires and hopefully yours as well. Every time I lowered myself, you rose slightly to meet me, giving me a good solid base to work on. So good, loved the feel of my legs splayed around you, leaning onto your hands, breasts swinging as I worked on the rising sensations. Each time I came down, I could feel the roughness of your hair against my clit, oh yes, gotta love a natural man, and with the freaking bed keeping time I rode you until the length and depth of you made me explode into a quivering mess on your chest. You moved your hands to my hips a held me down while you thrust, once, twice, three times and then you were with me in that quivering moment that seemed to go on.

You kissed my forehead, snuggled me in again, “hmmm, midnight delight, and you are a delight Katz” you sighed as we drifted back to sleep. We slept, waking late. And of course, then there was the wake up fuck when you took me oh so gently from behind. Sliding into me, so fucking luscious, I didn’t even move, just bent over further across the bed to give you better access to me with my arse parked in your lap as you searched and found that g-spot and with long strokes teased it into a lazy orgasm that barely shook the bed. Got to love those ones in the morning, soft and gentle, letting the body adjust to the rhythm, knowing we didn’t need to have this one but just greedy with our one night together.

We made the most of it, that one night. Something to remember with a smile when we meet again on the cam.