Written by Sam


..note this story like the previous one is a true story with names changed to protect the innocent.

It was my 21st birthday and my girlfriend offered me her best friend for a 21st present...

I was suspiciousmthat it was a test and turned it down telling her that she was sexier which was true.

After 6 months we’d broken up due to family pressure from her family but she still went out on dates and had the,]m drop her at my house after the date where she would climb in the windo [w and take advantage of me...

I wasn’t complaining it was a very cheap,date and she was super exciting.

After about 12 months she met someone she really liked and sadly stopped dropping by in the middle of the night.

I’d always regretted not taking b-her up on the 3 some....

So,quite recently I met someone who was planning to get married but looking for a little experience.

She met me regularly but frequently said she wished I was less exciting as she wanted to be faithful.

I always said if you don’t need me I’ll understand.

Again she organised a night out for her hens do then after her friends had gone home met me in a hotel to give her a really good servicing.

I was joking and teasing that she should have brought one of her single friends for me as she was threatening to retire after she got married

I got another call can you meet me, I’m getting married this weekend.

I met her for a drink and she said she’d be chatting to a friend and her friend was desperate for a threesome .

She said she was gagging to try one and wanted me to be the one.

She rang her friend and said come for a coffee.

Her Friend rocks up and is a very sexy curvy lady.

We go upstairs to the hotel room and the ladies start kissing and stripping off.

Her friend says it’s not fair that she’s naked and I’m not.

So she comes over and undresses me then drops to her knees to suck my cock.

She tells my friend that she wants me to fuck her but she wants to eat my friends pussy first

We start kissing and playing and she goes down on my friend who has what she describes as one of the best orgasm of her life bucking and struggling as I hold her down while her girlfriend goes to town on her.

I then tell her to mount me reverse cowgirl,style while her friend gives her another good licking.

Again Imrestraining her as wave after wave of her orgasm wracks her body and milks the cum out of my cock.

God it felt good.

She says enough I can’t take any more

The her friend wants the favour returned so she sucks me until I’m hard again

And mounts me while my friend goes down on her agains she has the ,ost wonderful orgasm

Bucking wildly saying it’s the list exciting thing she’s ever done.

Her friend leaves after promising to catch up whenever I’m keen

Leaving me to a sensuous evening with my friend.

My friend says Imreally want tomgive this up as I’m getting married.

I confirm that I’ll be sad if she does but she can always call.

As she leaves she gropes my cock,as]nd says you know I’ll never be able to give you up.

I just need to see you less often once I’m married.

I really do love him but he just doesn’t cut it/ I’d love you to educate him but he’d never accept it.

Wait for my call...

...it’ll be at least 2 months as I’m away on our honey moon...